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Suwit Aritlcle and news on May 19, 2018

How to use headlock technique for a smart escape? : Muay Thai
Performing a headlock requires a lot of practice. It is a useful move to wrap your hand around your opponent's throat and choke him/her, forcing your opponent to give up. The same technique can be and will be used against you too by your opponent. So, it's better to include headlock in your Muay Thai Training.
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Performing an effective headlock on your opponent:
1. To deliver a headlock, you must position yourself where your opponent won't be able to control your arms. Then use your strong arm around your opponent's head with a dominant collar tie position. Simultaneous use your other arm to hold his/her triceps.
2. Then step across your opponent's body with his/her on the same side as your strong arm. Now throw your hips towards him/her. Now use the arm of your opponent that is in your collar tie and wrap it around his/her head. Make sure, the back of his/her head in on your bicep.
3. Grip the triceps of your opponent and pull it across your body as much as you can. Try to execute your footwork efficiently. This will let your Muay Thai opponent load up behind your hips. Stay in this position while aggressively rotating your shoulders towards his/her head, and within no time, your opponent should be thrown over your hips.
4. Keep checking your move and try to keep your feet away from your opponent when you are on the ground. If you fail to do so, the attack might be reverse back at you by your opponent.
Learning the headlock technique is not enough. You also have to include some "Headlock Escapes" in your training program. For reference, you can find some good headlock escapes videos on Internet, but it's better to learn from your master.

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