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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 21, 2018

How exactly the theme of martial art can be connected to self-improvement?
Martial art has been a source of self-defence as well as self-improvement since ages. The years of training assists in maintain the health of their body and mind.
Here are some positive improvements associated with martial arts:
Muay Thai

1. Learn discipline:
Martial arts cultivate a sense of self-control and discipline. For example, a Muay Thai trainee undergoes several hard tasks during his/her training period. Such tasks help a person to in still discipline in their daily life. Ultimately, it keeps them healthy by improving their concentration, keeping them emotionally stable and significant behavioural changes.
2. Self-Confidence
We all must have faced bullies and an egoistic person in our life who always looks to start a fight. While violence is not an answer, but there is a particular situation where one has to take a stand for oneself and teach the bullies a valuable lesson. Learning self-defence motivates a person to be self-confidence. Gaining self-confidence is quite necessary to take the right stand and fight against injustice happening to either you or someone else.
3. Learn to respect
People often assume that martial arts lead to vain among the fighters, which is inaccurate. If you meet martial artists, you will find them very humble and calm. One of the principal rules of martial arts is to learn to stay calm and respect everyone. A martial artist never assaults anyone, and when he/she fights, it's only for self-defense.
4. Physical fitness
The exercise and training in a martial art camp include a variety of punch and ample of kicking. Such diversified range of physical movements contributes to a healthy and fit body on a large scale. Martial arts include lots of activities such as maintaining proper balance, posture, and coordination. Even though it takes time but once learned, one will possess a flexible body with power-packed stamina. The alertness and visual exercise improve the response ability of a person.

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