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Suwit Aritlcle and news on December 02, 2017

The Importance of dehydration knowledge in Muay Thai
The importance of water is not appreciated the way it should be, especially in Muay Thai. Instead of taking water on a timely basis we always drink water when we feel thirsty. Most of you don't know that the feel of thirstiness only occurs when our body is already dehydrated around 1-2%. The percentage may seem quite less, but in reality, even such percentage of dehydration can lead to reduced endurance, the increment in fatigue, reduction in motivation. Apart from that your capability of thermoregulatory will be altered, and you may need to increase your effort to perceive your goal as a fighter.
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The adverse effect of dehydration to your body:
Usually, on an average, a Muay Thai fighter loses around 3 to 4 % of body weight during training through sweating. The percentage increases up to 6% if you are in Thailand and such high level of sweat loss always leads to heat strokes and extreme exhaustion. If the body is not hydrated with regular interval then the condition can worsen as during dehydration the blood in the body starts to thicken, and as a result, it will put too much strain on your heart. Moreover, dehydration also raises the core temperature of your body which is bad for anyone.
Here's the strategy:
It is strongly recommended to all thee Muay Thai fighters to hydrate themselves properly before the training by consuming at least 500 ml of liquid 30 minutes prior the training. It is recommended that you take into account your hydration status before training.
During training:
Avoiding dehydration should be your main goal, you should focus on consuming 250 ml of fluid and electrolyte every 15 minutes of training. Now 250 ml is a normal amount, and it may vary according to the size of your body, surrounding climate, and intensity of the training in your camp.
After Training:
To assist recovery off your body post exercise, you should consume at least 1 liter of water along with mixing to 1 Tsp of mineral salts such as Celtic, Himalayan or even sea Salt.
Training in Hot Climate:
Studies show that adding sodium with water helps in prevention of performance losses during hot climate. So if you belong to a place with hot climate such as Thailand then consume your water with a pinch of salt.

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