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Suwit Aritlcle and news on September 15, 2017

Suwit News and Skill of Setting Long Term Goals
I always believe in Goal setting for faster progress, no matter what field you are using it in. A combination of Short-Term goals & long-term goals keep you motivated throughout and gives you a sense of self-satisfaction. It also helps you progress faster, keeping your mind away from the long-term dreams, when you keep achieving short-term milestones, you are refreshed and can easily focus on next goal, every such step will take you closer to your dream. This might sound easy but you should be careful when setting goals, we'll talk about that in this write-up.
Muay Thai

As I said earlier, Goals are nothing but milestones leading towards your dream destination, where destination will be the place where you dream to be when it comes to your skill, In case of Muay Thai, your destination can be 'being the best fighter in your camp' or 'best fighter in your category' or as wild as 'being the championship winner' or 'world champion' - It can be anything, but as I said, we should be careful while setting goals - Setting a goal of being a world champion is really hard to achieve and will require a lot of motivation & dedication to even get close to that dream, so setting such goals & failure to achieve can lead to loss in motivation & even depression. I always recommend going step by step when it comes to setting goals, achieve short-term first and slowly go for the long term ones. For example, if I wish to be a World Champion, I should not straight away go and set it as my goal, but instead I can choose a path leading to it like setting a goal of winning a tournament, and on achieving it, go further with it.
This is a bit hard to explain in writing but in reality it is pretty much self-explanatory. To cover it in a single sentence, I'll say keeping your goals real & achievable in the key to long term goals, whether it is Muay Thai or any other activity, this procedure works well with all of them. This skill of setting proper goals comes with practice, so start setting goals from today and work towards it.
When working with goals, keep as few as possible and try to focus on one thing at a time. Keeping several goals will deviate your mind and increase the chance of failure. Don't forget to try Muay Thai training in Thailand at Suwit because we are expert.

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