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Suwit Aritlcle and news on August 07, 2017

SuWit news and a few reasons why joining a Muay Thai program
Most Muay Thai fighters skip their first meal owing to heavy exercise schedule but those who opt often hit at a wrong choice of foods. There are sure breakfasts that a Muay fighter must avoid early in the morning. Just read the article till the end to know about such foods in detail.
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1. Fruit Juice:
Most think that in the taking of fresh juice of any kind can help in marinating the energy level of the body for an extended time. However, it is a common fact to note that most manufacturers strip off essential nutrients as well as fibres from the juice during the processing. It makes the juice entirely sugary water. Instead, stick to whole fruits that contain more nutrients than the artificial ones.
2. Regular Yogurt:
On an average 50% of Muay Thai fighters have the wrong habit of consuming a small cup of yogurt in the morning to keep them energised. But, it lacks enough calories to supplement your body. In place of it, you can go for Greek Yogurt, that is leaner and mean of the conventional one. The proteins inside are double than the previous one coupled with the rich amount of carbohydrates.
3. Sugary Cereals:
It is another rich food that contains both sugar and calories. Most eat this one to up their energy level, but it happens for momentary. The energy level will soon go down after a couple of bench works on the beach. Therefore, in any training camp in Thailand, you can find coaches advising on eating plain oats with water or milk, garnished with cinnamon and fresh berries.
4. Bacon:
Another mouth watery breakfast for most of the athletes but it should be avoided as it may link the health status with cancer. Many types of research have shown that this food has not enough vitamins and minerals that an athlete need. Instead, go for a couple of boiled eggs as they contain 13 essential nutrients.
The above discussed are the pinch of a long list. Do the research to get more information on such stuff and keep your body in great shape.

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