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Suwit Aritlcle and news on June 20, 2017

SuWit and Global Diet Plan for the Art of Eight Limbs
Muay Thai which is also referred as the "Art of eight limbs", demands one's exceptional flexibility command over his body which is why it becomes imperative for a fighter to lose weight before 1 week of the fight. In this regard, the regular diet plan and choice of healthy food options are primary. Let's know the basic diet plan that every single Muay aspirer should know.
Muay Thai

Most skip Breakfast:
Even if it has been said that first meal of the day is important, Muay fighters run on offbeat on this rule. It is not that they don't eat in the morning, but the timing and choice of food make the dish hard to be believed as "Breakfast".
Most trainees under their training period hit gym post wake up and go running on empty stomach thus pushing their morning meal later. Because, in the world of Muay Thai, the intake of food before 1 hour of training is prohibited and fighters prefer an extended hour of sleep over breakfast.
The Diet changes according to the region:
There is no specific diet chart rather the morning food includes the general classical street foods like khao man gai, khao soi, gra pao, etc. However, the food style and menu for good health may change depending upon the region. For instance, most training camps in Thailand serve the trainees with rice, fish soup, eggs, boiled vegetables and som tam salad. Rice is regarded as the main energy supplement.
On the other hand, some UK trainers; however, insist on maintaining a diet containing Yogurt, muesli, porridge and soy milk as main ingredients. Similarly, South African trainers suggest for tropical fruit smoothie followed by rice and chicken.
Diet should be simple in carbohydrate:
This is because carbohydrate foods are easy to digest and supplement solid nutrition for health. That's the reason even Italian pasta finds its place on the plates of Muay fighters, but the same should be taken 2-3 hours before the starting of the training.

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