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Suwit Aritlcle and news on April 27, 2017

Learning to defend yourself
Of all the martial arts in the world, there are some that are efficient and effective, meaning they will help you to defend yourself effectively in certain situations - and there are some that are an outright fraud, and you may get seriously hurt if you try to protect yourself by using those "self-defense skills". So, the art here is to distinguish the good martial art from the bad one. By reading articles such as this one, you're on your way to educate yourself on the topic.
Muay Thai

We recommend you to try out Muay Thai. It's an old martial art that was developed in the country of Thailand, so you have the best chance of finding a solid training camp if you visit this country. If you begin training Muay Thai, you'll realize that a few things are happening to you. First, you will feel more confident and present, and other people will see this change within you too. Thus the world will treat the world differently, and you too will be treating the world differently.
Second, your health will be drastically improved. This means that by training Muay Thai you'll be making a big investment in how healthy your body is to be. Muay Thai is a martial art that puts a heavy strain on your body, and this will pay off dividends if you're trying to get fit and healthy. You will see that your muscles begin to increase in size and strength and that your body fat levels begin to plummet. You will look and feel better than ever before. But we must mention that due to the fact that training Muay Thai can be really strenuous for your body at times - it really isn't for everybody. Only try it out if you have basic strength and conditioning, and if you really have the passion to power through the unease of training.
And the rest is up to you - we advise you to follow our recommendation and go to Thailand in order to learn Muay Thai. And enjoy your life as a martial artist later on.

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