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Suwit Aritlcle and news on April 11, 2017

The best practices to make your child to know Muay Thai
Teaching Muay Thai to children is cumbersome. Their soft physique and young mind take years of time to cope up with the hard training. The trainer must be well aware of the techniques to deal with kids of various age groups. This article states few of their strategies.
Muay Thai

Younger are harder to teach:
Younger ones need more pampering and motivation to get trained. Martial arts like Muay Thai involve learning complex moves with mere perfection. On this ground, making a small kid understand its importance is just like cutting a tree with a knife. Immense social pressure and self-positive physiological responses keep the ball rolling.
Age 4-5; too early to start
Kids of this group hardly understand the native language and in this situation, expecting them to master the Muay that moves is a foolish thought. They used to get surrounded by older ones and start to get introduced to the martial art in a kinesthetic manner. They touch, they feel, and they even watch things around them but grasp them only when they get ready both physically and mentally.
The teacher needs to be a damn good entertainer:
Children learn more quickly in a friendly environment. If the trainer is rude and strict training will be resistive. On the other hand, a playful nature teacher can teach even complicated moves very quickly. It is the primary role of the parents to select a camp where trainers are friendlier to children.
Training videos work well:
Their tender minds receive more to videos rather than real talks. Let them watch few training videos and show them illustrative moves through motion pictures. It will help them stick to the training and will not create any loophole.
At last, keep in mind on their relaxation too. Keep a holiday between the busy routine tasks. Take them to any beach or any children parks. It is because apart from a good health a stable mind is also necessary to learn Muay Thai.

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