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Suwit Aritlcle and news on October 30 ,2016

A Sport That Ensures Good Health
The word Muay has been derived from the Sanskrit word Mavya that implies to bind together. You should know that muay thai is not a martial art. You can attend the training that can be taught by various actions such as self-defense, sport, and martial arts. Various camps are conducted so that you can attend them to learn muay thai.
Muay Thai

The powerful martial art is muay thai that has been developed by warriors. This type of sport is mainly preferred for bare knuckle combat. Presently, this has become the national sport of Thailand and the training for this sport is done across the world. To play this game you should ensure that you are in good health. Also, you must consider this sport and ensure that you play this game in good spirit.
Some of the techniques in which you can play Muay Thai are punching, elbow, kicking, knee, foot thrust, clinch and neck wrestling. Also, various Western kickboxing forms are semi-contact, light contact, full contact, and low kick. Let us look at the benefits of Muay Thai training;
- Provides you with powerful weapons to use in fighting in long run
- Helps you to make appropriate use of elbows and knees to ensure clinch fighting
- Helps you to learn to attack the legs
- Helps you to adopt control towards your opponent in the fight
- Helps you to learn how to protect against various range of strokes
Check various online links to attend camps and trainings so that you can make yourself fit. This sport is preferably liked and played by people living in Thailand. If you are fit you will win and learn to adopt the fighting style. To ensure that you are playing Muay Thai skillfully you should have adopted the practical skills to defense yourself and have artistic skills for self-expression.

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