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Suwit Aritlcle and news on August 28 ,2016

Regimes Travelers Can Take Up for Good Health While Traveling
Traveling can prove to be a stress buster and relax mind like nothing else can but it does take your exercise habits off the track for at least the time you are traveling. If you are a regular Gym goer or a participant of any exercise regime, you'll have to skip your sessions when traveling and this can affect your fitness goals. Today I'll be listing few regimes which travelers can take with them on their travels and stay fit & focused during the trip. These regimes require less to no equipment and can be performed practically anywhere.
Muay Thai

This one might sound interesting to all the women out there, aerobics is just like dancing on music continuously for some time. This keeps your heart rate up and burns calories. Aerobics can be performed in a small room or at any open space. All you need is to turn up the music and get going. This is an easiest way to stay fit while on road.
Muay Thai
Muay Thai can be a good practice for travelers and can help them stay fit while traveling. The training can be practiced without making use of any equipment, you can practice some of the moves if you can get enough space to move around, let's say your hotel room or practically any place. Regular intervals of Muay Thai training can lead you to good health & ultimate fitness.
Quick Circuit Training Sessions
Other great way to stay fit & healthy during travel is circuit training session. Circuit training can be done without any equipment, all you have to do is mix up some physical moves, put them together in a circuit and repeat them for a couple of times. For example; you can create a circuit plan yourself like Jumping jacks, burpees, high jumps, spot running, toe touches, pushups etc. now that you've created your circuit plan, follow each exercise for a minute or so and then switch without any rest, complete the entire circuit without taking rests. Once the circuit is done, rest for 2 minutes and start the circuit again. Do this 2-3 times.
Just Up Your Physical Activity
If any of the above regimes sound too much to you, here is the easiest option of them all. Just increase physical activity, stop taking cabs / rides for going to a place, instead walk there. Avoid using elevators, take the stairs instead. Just up your physical activity and you'll be good to go.

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