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Suwit Aritlcle and news on July 11 ,2016

How to make physical activity fun?
Lack of physical activity is one of the most serious challenges that modern people face. Of course, there were obese people and inactive people in the past, but the numbers of inactive people in the last few decades has increased rapidly. Most people today follow a very sedentary lifestyle and it look like many of them don‚€™t have other option. They have to be at their desk at work and when they come home they use their free time to watch TV or to use their computer or mobile device. There is only a small amount of free time left for physical activity and training. Of course, you can always join the local gym, but let's be clear - this activity is usually boring. The training sessions consist of 3-4 exercises that are very repetitive and unchallenging, so people lose motivation very fast. So, how can we fix this? How can we make physical activity fun? The answer is very simple ‚€“ by incorporating physical activity and exercise in your next holiday.
Muay Thai

If you are planning to travel abroad and enjoy your vacation in some beautiful country, we suggest Thailand. This Asian county is quite popular among tourists of all kinds. It has many attractive beaches, interesting bars, ancient buildings, museums, parks and Muay Thai training camps!
That's right, while you are in Thailand you can join a Muay Thai training camp and do something good for your health. Muay Thai, or Thai boxing, is a very trendy fitness activity practiced by hundreds of people. Any man and woman, regardless of their current fitness form can join a training camp and start taking classes.
The training classes include exercises that provide positive effects on many levels. They are good for the physical health because they make your body more flexible, they are strengthening your muscles and make you more agile. On the other hand, Muay Thai training is great for the mental health because it helps people clear their minds and get rid of stress by focusing on the challenging exercises. The entire process is fun and very efficient!

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