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Suwit Aritlcle and news on May 19 ,2016

Muay Thai is no longer a secret martial art
Several hundred years ago many Asian nations have developed special martial arts and fighting disciplines. Those who have knowledge in Asian history know that this is not something unusual because different groups of people were fighting for territory all the time. This is how and why Thai people invented Muay Thai.
Muay Thai

Muay Thai, the art of the eight limbs, is a unique martial art that has helped many Thais preserve their lives and protect their families in the past. Once the situation between neighboring nations eased, Muay Thai was used more as a form of sport and traditional cultural activity. For many years Muay Thai masters have kept the training practice as some sort of secret and they didn't want to teach other people (foreigners) how to practice Muay Thai. With the process of globalization and the increased number of tourists that travel to Thailand, Muay Thai teachers had no other choice, but to let the world know more about this ancient fighting discipline. They were surprised by the response. Thousands of people are involved in Muay Thai training today and many of them are looking for the best way to learn and practice this useful fitness activity.
One of the most convenient ways is to include Muay Thai training in your holiday plan. Without any doubts, Thailand is an ideal holiday destination, so you won't find it difficult to sign up for Muay Thai classes in a camp there. After all, you can use your free time for any activity you want or you can just relax on some beach and stare at the sea.
Muay Thai training is an activity that is good for the whole body. A Muay Thai training camp is the facility where you will find everything you need for a proper and effective training class. There are many people who claim that Muay Thai has helped them with their loss weight which is not a surprise because this fast training burns many calories and speeds up the metabolism. Additionally, Muay Thai is good for the heart, muscles, joints, bones, immune system and digestive system too. In the end, let's mention that every student will learn more about effective self-defense moves.

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