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Suwit Aritlcle and news on May 07 ,2016

A simple active holiday
Getting in shape and losing weight may seem like a very difficult task for many people. If you want to lose those extra pounds and sculpt your body, you need to be prepared to introduce some new routines in your life. Healthy diet, regular physical activity and de-stressing are some of the things that you must implement in your lifestyle. Of course, making such changes is easier to be said than done and most people fail after the first few days. This is not a surprise because if everything else remains the same, you won't find sufficient motivation for these changes. That's why it is the best idea to use your holiday as a tool to implement these changes. Having a so-called active holiday can have significant impact on your health and fitness. When you travel abroad you will end your daily routine and you will get a chance to check how it looks like in case you have new routine. So, instead of sunbathing on the beach and drinking cocktails all the time, be active!
Muay Thai

According to many people visiting Thailand may be the ideal solution. Thailand is a very popular holiday destination with lots of natural and manmade attractions and beauties. But, what many people don't know is that Thailand is home to Muay Thai or Thai boxing and that this type of training can support the aforementioned change in our lifestyle. Muay Thai training takes place in a specialized training camp. Such camps can be found everywhere in Thailand.
Muay Thai training consists of series of interesting and attractive, highly-efficient exercises that will keep every student sweating and eagerly waiting for the next training class. There is nothing similar with these training classes and boring gym classes. Muay Thai training will make all your muscles stronger and more highlighted, it will strengthen your core, increase mobility and flexibility, help you get rid of toxins, lose weight and improve coordination. In addition, this ancient sport and modern fitness activity will also make your more disciplined and self-confident while helping you learn more about effective self-defense techniques. Sounds like an ideal active holiday, right?

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