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Suwit Aritlcle and news on July 25 ,2015

Learning A Basic Guide
Many martial art experts consider Muay Thai to be one of the oldest martial arts in the world. It was developed in the beautiful exotic country of Thailand and historians believe that it was developed in the 13th century. It was introduced to the public as a combat sport in the first part of the 20th century and its popularity was rapidly increasing in the past three decades in every part of the world. Many modern gyms have Muay Thai elements in their fitness classes and some of them offer "pure" Muay Thai classes although the fact is that if you want to be part of a true Muay Thai training class you will need to join a training camp in Thailand. This is the reason why hundreds of people travel to Thailand each year. Of course, there are millions others who go there to enjoy the natural beauties of this great travel destination.
Muay Thai

It is worth mentioning that Thai people are very fond of this sport and when some of the major fights is broadcasted on TV, the streets are empty. There is no doubt that Muay Thai is one of the national symbols of Thailand. Almost every person is passionate about this sport and most Thais have tried the training classes. So, what exactly can you expect from Muay Thai training?
You will definitely strengthen your body and muscles, you will improve conditioning, mobility and flexibility and you will learn how to defend yourself. In addition, you will de-stress, find inner peace and improve self-confidence and discipline. By joining a Muay Thai camp you will also learn more about Thai culture and socialize with other people who are there to train hard and work on their health.
This is a fitness activity that can be practiced by almost every family member. So, if you are planning your next family trip give Thailand a try. Every person that has visited Thailand has positive memories and if you train Muay Thai you will make these positive memories lasting - you will develop a fitness routine that will do miracles for your health.

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