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Suwit Aritlcle and news on July 2 ,2015

The Perfect Workout for Women
Most women are very concerned with their health and fitness, and they try various diet and exercise regimes to stay fit. After all, who wouldn't want to look good in a swimsuit? In recent years, many women have turned to Muay Thai to help them tone their body and lose weight. They not only want to get stronger physically, but also mentally. Many of them travel to Thailand to join a Muay Thai training camp, as Thailand is where the sport originated.
Muay Thai

Why is Muay Thai the perfect workout for women? Let's see.
Muay Thai Helps in Weight Loss
Muay Thai is an intensive sport and requires that you move around all the time. It strengthens your core, improves your cardiovascular functions, and burns off your extra calories. When you train in Muay Thai for an hour, you can burn more than 800 calories. Therefore, you won't even need to train all day to achieve your weight loss goal.
Muay Thai Improves the Functioning of Your Organs
Muay Thai improves your cardiovascular functions as well as blood flow. It also boosts your immune system and allows your body to fight off diseases.
Muay Thai Shapes and Tones Your Body
Muay Thai techniques include a lot of arm and leg movements. This helps you tone your muscles, without making them bulky. In addition, it gives you a great total workout, allowing you to have a slim and lean body. You don't even need any special equipment, just your arms and feet.
Muay Thai Improves Response and Coordination
When you train in Muay Thai, you make use of your hands and feet in fast and consecutive movements. Therefore, body coordination is vital for this sport. Training in Muay Thai not only improves your coordination at the camp, but also in your daily life. You will notice a more agile body with better posture. You'll have a quicker response time and less prone to physical clumsiness.
Muay Thai Improves Your Inner Strength
Muay Thai training requires a lot of discipline. At most Muay Thai training camps in Thailand, you train twice a day. You not only work on your Muay Thai techniques, but you also incorporate other exercises into your training. For someone who isn't used to working out, this could be hard at first. However, with the guidance of your trainer, you will push through your obstacles.
While you are training at a Muay Thai camp in Thailand, make sure that you take some time to explore this exotic country and interact with the friendly people there, and of course, don't forget to hit one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand to show off your toned body!

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