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Suwit Aritlcle and news on June 22 ,2015

People in a Muay Thai camp
Thailand is a popular travel destination. Besides the beautiful beaches and delicious Thai food, many people, including women, travel to Thailand to train at a Muay Thai training camp. When you train in a Muay Thai camp long enough, you will notice certain types of people who train at these camps. These people show that you can travel to Thailand to train in Muay Thai to improve your fitness and health, and at the same time, you can have fun during your stay. Muay Thai

Here are 5 types of people you can find at Muay Thai camps.
1. People who like to have a good time
Some people train at a Muay Thai camp just to have a good time. These are usually people who are spending a short stay in Thailand and want to experience a little bit of everything. They want to make friends with other travellers and enjoy their stay in Thailand. Even though they may not be overly health conscious, they visit the camp on a regular basis, usually on weekends. They train not because they are interested in competing in the sport but rather, they use Muay Thai to stay fit and socialize.
2. People who are obsessed with fitness
Some people travel to Thailand to train for Muay Thai not because they like the sport, but because they know that you can burn 900 calories for each Muay Thai training session. They train to meet their fitness goals. They are not too concerned about their Muay Thai techniques. They are more concerned about keeping their body fat ratio low.
3. People who love Muay Thai
These people simply love Muay Thai. They travel to Thailand just so they can join a training camp in the country where the sport is originated. They want to learn as much as they could while they train in Thailand, and most of them don't mind training for hours per day. If that's what it takes to improve their Muay Thai techniques, they will do it. When these people are not training, they are probably checking out Muay Thai matches.
4. People who love the exoticness of Muay Thai
Some people, mostly women, travel to Thailand because it is an exotic country. The idea of training at a Muay Thai camp add to the exoticness of the their trip. They want to immerse themselves in the lifestyle and culture. Improving their health and fitness is just a bonus.

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