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Suwit Aritlcle and news on June 07 ,2015

Muay Thai and vacation
There's plenty to see in Thailand, which is often considered to be an amazing vacation destination. Whether you have a month or only a couple of weeks to spare, you can never have enough of the place. Its beaches, marine life, shopping, night life, amazing cities and some great Thai food are enough excuses to want to loiter for just a few more days. Of course that's not all --for a visit to Thailand remains incomplete without getting to watch its national combat sport - Muay Thai, which is often known as the 'The Art of Eight Limbs'.
Muay Thai

Muay Thai
It's a martial art that's as old as the hills and fighters use their fists, knees, feet, shins and elbows in combination to strike at their opponents. The hands become the sword and dagger, the shins and forearms act as armor against blows, the elbows act like a heavy mace or hammer and the legs and knees become the axe and staff.
Thai fighters often start their career very young-when they are just five and six years old, and the training regimens that include shadow boxing, Thai pad drills, weight training, running and jump ropes, though grueling, are a great way to kick and punch your way to attaining fitness and good health. As Muay Thai provides a solid foundation for kicks, clinch fighting and punches, it physically conditions fighters training for mixed martial arts (MMA), a full-contact combat sport.
Muay Thai Camps
Muay Thai is becoming very popular all over the world and is slowly being recognized as an Olympic sport. As a result, new training camps and gyms are sprouting everywhere. Basically there are two different types of camps- one that is geared towards foreigners and the Thai camps that cater to locals rather than outsiders. The camps cater to both beginners and experts and they are usually located in either the rural parts or right in the middle of big cities like Bangkok and Phuket . Men, women, older people and children, can all enjoy training sessions at these camps.
Muay Thai is very different from the traditional boxing or kickboxing that you often witness in many parts of the world. It's an exciting sport that requires agility, speed and strength and as different parts of the body are used extensively, it helps increase stamina while improving overall health. You'll get a great physique, a glowing complexion, a strong immune system and a tough interior. In fact, it goes one step further- it de-stresses the person, instills a sense of discipline and confidence while enhancing self-awareness. It's a great workout for those wanting to get into shape.
Women and Weight loss
Muay Thai is a great workout when you want to burn calories and get rid of excessive fat. Women always have to fight to stay fit and when it comes to weight loss, they sometimes fight a losing battle. With Muay Thai, the fat covering the forearms, thighs and legs melts away over time and gives the fitness freaks the lean, toned look that they were aiming for. Muay Thai also helps maintain and improve cardiovascular health and comes with numerous health benefits.
If you want to maintain overall health, improve your reflexes and flexibility, then Muay Thai is your choice. The workouts improve the health of the joints, help develop balance and coordination and help maintain good form throughout.

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