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Suwit Aritlcle and news on May 14th ,2015

The number one combat sport in Thailand
Muay Thai is a powerful form of martial art that includes many weapons and a variety of methods for attack and defence. Actually the weapons of Muay Thai are our eight major body parts including feet, knee, elbow, fists and head; whereas head is not used during professional competitions but one must know how to use head for self defence.
Muay Thai

Muay Thai is popular martial art originated from Thailand but now followed in almost every country. This boxing technique requires training from experts and must be learnt in steps. It is good to practice Muay Thai with a partner because martial art can be best learnt with practice. There are many training institutes in Thailand who use to teach Muay Thai boxing techniques to martial art lovers. The main reason behind its popularity is that it is not only practiced for competitions rather these techniques are very helpful to gain perfect body fitness. Muay Boxing is effective for those who want to lose weight as regular practice of these exercises show great impact on weight reduction.
Usually Muay Thai fighters begin their training practice at the age of 6 or 8 years, they begin fighting with partners between ages of eight to ten years and become powerful fighters before age of 24. But it is not possible to make Muay Thai as a career for lifetime because due to early age practice, body strength naturally decays and injuries of body also demand break from fights. For those who want to practise Muay Thai just as a fitness program, it is very beneficial and will not show any side effect on body.
Muay Thai is very powerful technique for women as it balancing their body parts to stay energetic all the time and help to maintain proper body weight. Muay Thai effectively works for reduction of unnecessary fats and keeps muscles for strengthened. So if you are thinking to have a tour to a beautiful country for your holidays it is good to choose Thailand. Most of the people love to travel to this country just to learn Muay Thai techniques. It is good to learn some great fitness techniques with a visit to the beautiful country.
This form of martial art is popular for its health care therapy as it maintains perfect balance between different organs of body and boosts the process of metabolism. Experts also use to organise time to time camp for Muay Thai training so that most of people can avail its benefits; those who are suffering from overweight problems can join these training programs which lasts for few days. You can also begin your practice at home with some video tutorials that are easily available online but it is important to concern your physician before you begin with that. Muay Thai training must be started with simple technique at one’s own pace but follow particular routines to get best results. The most important part of training is to do warm ups before you start actual techniques of martial art.

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