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Suwit Aritlcle and news on May 6th ,2015

Basic Strength Exercises With Muay Thai
Muay Thai is a martial arts form from Thailand. It helps in losing weight and body conditioning. This form of training needs a lot of dedication and will power. There are several people both men and women across the globe that travel to Thailand to learn this ancient martial arts form while they are on a holiday. The reasons for their learning differ from person to person. It should be noted that Muay Thai is not for the fainted or the weak- hearted. There is a lot of physical exercise and strain involved. The results are amazing. You learn the skills of mental and physical coordination. You become fit and lose excess body weight. You become lean and strong. Muay Thai training camps impart this training to willing and ready men and women who wish to master the skills for self- defense or any other purpose.
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An insight into Muay Thai Training Camps In Thailand
The training regime of Muay Thai is very dynamic and engaging. The form of training is very rigid and it depends upon the level of the Camp you have enrolled yourself for training. For strength-, building and body conditioning in these camps some basic exercises are practiced. Let us look at them one by one-
- Warm and cool down exercises- the idea behind these exercises is to build up sweat to prepare the body for the vigorous exercises to be followed. This is generally conducted for 15 minutes so that it prepares the muscles for training. After every training session, it is advised for you to do some warm down exercises. This allows your muscles to be subtle and stop any form of injury to the body.
- Skipping- skipping is an integral part of Muay Thai training. It helps in the building of stamina and coordination. The trainers advise you to skip in rounds. This keeps the mind relaxed and focuses. When you are skipping, it is advised not to bounce on both your feet.
- Shadow Boxing- This is a special form of boxing practice that helps you correct movements. This can also be practiced in front of a mirror. It is advised for you to use your complete range of movement and not shorten your kicks or punches.
- Weights- Free weights are used in the Muay Thai camp training techniques. This helps you to build strength. The lighter weights help you in a large manner to repeat lifts. Free weights work better than fixed weights as they do not restrict your range of movement.
- Pad work-One of the toughest moves of Muay Thai is striking. For this, you need to resort to pad work. The trainer wears pads over the stomach and shin. He tells you to strike him. Padwork helps in the development of co-ordination, footwork and spatial awareness.
The training regime is divided into schedules and the trainer focuses on the above basic exercises to develop your skills. Both men and women are instructed to do these basic exercises for a fitter body and better concentration.

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