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Suwit Aritlcle and news on April 29th ,2015

Muay Thai Training - Weight Loss For Women
Muay Thai is a fantastic and ancient combat sport, and its historical roots can be traced back to the ancient battles between Siam and Burma. However, this excellent kick boxing-sport is increasingly attractive to women because of the excellent weight loss benefits associated with it.
Muay Thai

In fact, it is great to see more and more women looking to train at a Muay Thai camp to undertake this high energy sport which is fantastic for toning up the body and improving overall health and aiding weight loss.
As a result, women are taking up the sport to specifically target problem weight areas and naturally many women are travelling to Thailand with the intention of joining one of the numerous Muay Thai training camps - it is hardly surprising, given all the wonderful health benefits that women are looking to travel to the birthplace of such an invigorating combat sport.
Naturally the expertise at Muay Thai training camps are probably some of the best to be found anywhere in the world and this, in conjunction with beautiful scenery, fabulous weather and an interesting and unique culture means that training to one of the camps is an excellent way for women to undertake their quest to lose weight.
There are many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand and main decision that most people will need to make is which part of Thailand that they wish to visit. From the stunning beaches on the Andaman, to the old world charm of Chiang Mai, Thailand has some of the most diverse and stunning landscapes in the world and subsequently it is often the case that women, whether travelling with a family or friends, will decide to go to a part of Thailand that they want to visit and which they can combine with their training.
The great thing about Muay Thai is that it is high intensity exercise, which is also brilliant for enhancing cardiovascular and naturally when this element is improved, it helps to encourage weight loss and burn more calories.
Of course there is also the additional benefit of the relaxed and spiritual feeling that Muay Thai can bring. Mental agility is a big part of this sport and brings about positivity which is key for any woman wanting to lose weight.
Many women have reported feeling an inner calm and peace when training for or practising this sport. This is a very important factor when undertaking a weight loss journey and as Muay Thai exhumes positive energy, this is a fantastic way to start any weight loss quest.
Women want to take part in this Muay Thai sport because it can help them lose weight, feel more peaceful and also have something that it is challenging and consistent - this will help to maintain any weight loss, as well as becoming an integral part of a newer and healthier life style, and that is a fantastic thing.

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