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Suwit Aritlcle and news on April 12th ,2015

Muay Thai has become more and more popular for women
Obesity has become one of the world's leading cause of major diseases. Most obese people suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other diseases that have complications that may lead to death. This is alarming on an international scale making fitness regimens the rage all over the world. People engage in different exercises, sports and martial arts to prevent obesity. One of the most populat that fitness centers in the world offer nowadays is Muay Thai. This is a martial art from Thailand which uses whole body movements to attack an opponent. It utilizes kicks, punches, elbow and knee strikes for combat. Because it is intense and very rigorous, many people have become interested in it for weight loss. In order to lose weight, people should keep in mind that physical activity alone will not ensure that you shed pounds. Proper diet plays an important role too. Some people engaged in Muay Thai and even go to training camps expect that they'd lose weight instantly. They get disappointed when even with two hours of doing hardcore martial art training, they did not lose as much weight as they expected to.
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The most probable cause would be that they do not exercise discipline with their eating habits. It is common sense that if you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than what you ingest. If you ingest more than what your body burns during physical activity, then you're on your way to gaining weight. As with any martial art, even if you do not learn it to compete but only to lose weight, you still have to have discipline, determination and commitment. Most fitness experts advice those training in martial arts to still include at least thirty minutes of jogging for three times a week. This means that if you jog at a moderate pace, you'd be burning 500 calories already. Some training camps in Thailand have fighters that prepare for fights who run at least six times a day and not only for 30 minutes. This is so they can build stamina and endurance for when it's time for them to compete. It is also recommended that they have regular strength training. This is not to be confused with bodybuilding.
This only means that they lift weights so that they build stronger and leaner muscles to have maximum power in their kicks and punches. Flexibility exercises are also needed because most kicks that Muay Thai fighters need to execute demand that they extend their legs to the highest that they can reach and to do this, they have to rotate from the hips. This means that you have to be really limber so you don't tear a ligament when you do powerful kicks that you isolate from your body. Proper stretches strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the body so you can achieve maximum flexibility.If you are obese or just want to be physically fit, you can do Muay Thai and you'll find that you'll enjoy learning it while also achieving your goal of a healthier body.

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