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Suwit Aritlcle and news on March 31th ,2015

Muay Thai Methods
Life is all about keeping yourself healthy and fit to enjoy it. No luxury can be enjoyed and no moment can be celebrated if there is no health. Health is without a doubt the thing where no compromises can be added of any sort. Muay Thai is one great exercise to achieve this objective. It is a sport in Thailand but is very intense so people looking to get their body back in shape adopt Muay Thai as an exercise. Instructors use different methods and techniques during the courses. There are six different training methods in Muay Thai. All six procedures take care of different things. It solely depend on the instructor how he wants to handle them with you.
Muay Thai

The first training method, shadow boxing is one of the most important and most overlooked training methods. Shadow boxing is the best way to develop technical skill. This is the time to work on and develop the technical aspects of every element of your game including stance, footwork, body mechanics, strikes and even defense. Pad work, the second training method, includes Thai pad, focus mitt and foam pad training. Pad work is one of the best training methods because it allows you to make contact and to work on attributes like speed, power, timing, form and conditioning. The third training method is bag work. Bag work includes heavy bag, speed bag, top and bottom bag and other specialty bag workouts. The most versatile of these, the heavy bag comes in short and long lengths and in hanging and freestanding models. The long bag or “banana bag” is the best, especially for Muay Thai because it allows you to low kick along with all of the other strikes. Partner drills, the fourth training method, are the best way to develop accuracy and targeting, however. This is the most realistic training method besides free sparring. For this type of drilling you normally put on the boxing gloves, a mouthpiece and perhaps the shin guards and work back and forth with a partner. Sparring is the fifth training method and an important part of any fighter’s or martial artist’s routine. This is as close to a real fight as it gets. Although every martial artist needs to experience full-contact sparring once in a while, you can get close to the same benefits from sparring lightly. Sparring lightly requires more skill and control and allows you to spar every time you train without getting hurt. If you get hurt during sparring then you are not able to train for days or weeks and this obviously sets you back. It’s helpful to work sparring drills as well as free sparring. Mental training is the last training method but definitely not the least. Mental preparation is absolutely essential to success but often ignored. It is the psychology of fighting and winning. Mental toughness is partly god given and partly derived from within. These training methods are incorporated in training sessions gradually and systematically to make them more effective.
Trainees should undergo these training methods to get the maximum out of the exercise. Commitment and consistency are the two best friends of the trainee that help him workout on regular basis. Muay Thai is a fantastic exercise and it helps the body getting in shape and regain fitness.

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