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Suwit Aritlcle and news on March 16th ,2015

Enroll In a Muay Thai When You Travel
Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. It is also the country where the popular sport Muay Thai originated. If you have never tried Muay Thai before and would like to give it a try when you happen to be in Thailand, you will be happy to know that you can find many Muay Thai training camps in the area. You will also be happy to know that Muay Thai is very beginner-friendly.
Muay Thai

Don't be Intimated by Muay Thai
Some beginners have the wrong assumption that Muay Thai training is all about sparring or fighting. They think that it is a difficult sport to learn and are intimated by it. Don't think that you have to fight like the contestants you see in Muay Thai matches in every training session.
For beginners, a Muay Thai training camp would include a lot of stretching exercises. You will shadowbox before you actually partner up and spar with someone. In addition, you will learn different techniques of Muay Thai. You will learn how to strengthen your arms and legs, so you will be able to make use of your muscles when you apply some of the more complicated techniques. To balance things out, some trainers may require you to work on the spot - just learning to create something. The more important training activities include "bag work" - which practices the fists, the punches, and the kicks. You may also do some "pad work" - which will help in ensuring that you have the proper positions when punching or kicking during a spar.

You Don't Have to Practice All Day
Training in Muay Thai doesn't mean that you have to practice all day. Who would want to travel to an exotic country like Thailand and spend the whole day at a gym? The answer is likely "No one!" Since Muay Thai is a very intensive sport, a couple hours of training a day is usually more than enough for someone who is training to keep fit. What is important is that you don't let your trip disrupt your fitness regimen. Regularity is the key to success. When you travel to Thailand, find a Muay Thai training camp that allows you to book a training session or two. Spend the rest of your time exploring the country or relaxing at one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand.

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