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Suwit Aritlcle and news on March 14th ,2015

Muay Thai is for fitness
Training for fitness should be an essential part of the daily or weekly activities of all men and women, irrespective of who they are or how busy they may be. This is because regular training is ideal for a complete health and well-being of the body. Unlike sport competition training exercises that have a specific goal.
Muay Thai
A well structured training or exercise programs will certainly burn excess fat and increase cardiovascular and metabolic working rate. This will be reflected in healthy appearance and prominent indicators such as toned muscle, nice skin, hair and nails as well as increase in strength and stamina.
In addition, a good fitness program must also have the five basic requirements of excellent health. These are core exercises, aerobic fitness, strength training, balance training, stretching and flexibility. However, only a few of the exercise program have these important elements.
Muay Thai training camps in Thailand are very unique and special because they offer all of these basic vital elements and more in their fitness program. This is most essential if their trainees are to achieve their individual personal fitness goals. Apart from this, their daily workout exercise programs are very flexible and fun for everyone.
Muay Thai, generally referred to as Thai boxing by boxing enthusiasts, is an ancient martial art and combat sport. It was developed many thousands of years ago by the people of Thailand as a defense technique in war time. This unique martial increase in popularity and large followers among the locals led to its elevation as the national sport of Thailand.
To achieve its aim of helping people, especially women, to lose weight, gain strength and improve their health condition, Muay Thai uses exercise drills such as jogging, pushups, frog jumps, rope skipping and weight lifting. Others include strength conditioning, bag work, Abs workout, shadow boxing, sparring tips and many more.
Professional trainers employed by these camps provide the necessary guidance and support in performing this exercise and workouts. Muay Thai training generally focused on increasing strength, improving stamina, reducing excess weight, enhancing mental balance and overall health condition.
The resultant effect of this exercise program will be quite obvious after a few weeks of training unlike other fitness classes that you will have to wait for months to notice any change. This is the reason why these training camps are attracting lots of admirers, who are mostly women, from different countries around the world.
It must be emphasized that Muay Thai training camps in Thailand is ideal for women of all ages. Its training program and schedules are designed to take cognizance of the nature of women and their specific training needs.

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