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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 22th ,2015

Muay Thai and Holiday
So you want a holiday? Don't we all? But whenever you decide to leave all the hassle behind and take a trip to Timbuktu for a holiday, you have to ensure it is an unforgettable experience. Now I want to talk about the perfect holiday experience and no this is not in Timbuktu but in Thailand. Do you know that Thailand is currently the number one tourist destination in the whole of asia? That is really remarkable because I used to think it was China. Muay Thai
Specifically Bangkok, it is now the most visited city by world international tourists, according to the third annual Global Destination Cities Index released by MasterCard. Bangkok beat London, last year's No.1 destination by less than 1%.
Part of the reason for Bangkok's increase in visitors is that tourism in Southeast Asia has surged among the regions upper-middle class, according to the Atlantic. Of the twelve cities with the fastest increase in air-travel connectivity - measured in terms of the scope of the city's connections with other cities by air travel and the number of flights for each connection.
As wonderful as the stats are, it doesn't really matter much if the experience don't match. That is why I want you to experience one of the several exotic thai culture called muay thai.
Have you seen all the big sights? Eaten enough pat tai for a lifetime? When you are done soaking it all in, there's always Thai boxing. Training in muay thai for foreigners has increased in popularity over the past five years, and many camps have sprung up all over the country tailoring their programs for English speaking fighters of both sexes. Food and accommodation can be provided for an extra charge. Associated with the respected world muay thai council, the institute offers a fundamental course in thai boxing (consisting of three levels of expertise), as well as courses for instructors, referees and judges.
But I digress; I want you to do it leisurely. That is not totally obliterating the fact that you might want to do it professionally. The vicious styles of muay thai which utilizes every part of the body to fend off an opponent, is what makes the sport unique. Fighters are allowed to punch, kick, shove and push by using feet, legs, fists, knees and elbows to attack the opponent above as well as below the waist.
Now that you understand the rigors of the art form, think about it, won't it be a viable holiday venture to embark upon? You can lose weight, become physically great, and have a wonderful experience you can tell at your local bar. Try to do something different this one time. I challenge you. Go outside your comfort zone and I guarantee it would be among the best things you have done whenever you reminisce during the twilight of your life.

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