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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 19th ,2015

How to Get Started with Muay Thai
Many times people have a passion for Muay Thai and they have urge to learn this amazing art form but they don't know 'How to get started' they waste a lot of time thinking how can they take up the training but end up confused. Getting started with Muay Thai is not big deal, all you have to do is gather up your courage and get going. Below are some tips which can help you get started.
Muay Thai
1. Get Fit for Muay Thai
You cannot survive Muay Thai if you are unfit or not well. Before taking up Muay Thai training, make sure that you are in your best shape and fitness level. Having a flat stomach is not required and you don't have to be fit like athlete for training Muay Thai, all you need to be is fit enough to perform basic moves without difficulty.
2. Get a Partner
Having a partner helps you in many ways. A Partner motivates you when you lose interest, partner helps in pointing out mistakes and spotting for moves which require assistance. He motivates you to go ahead and also makes you punctual for training. So the first step will be finding a perfect partner, go and convenience your close friends to take up the training with you.
3. Join Suwit Muay Thai Training Camp
Once you are ready and in good fitness level, find a Muay Thai training camp and take admission. The best way to learn Muay Thai is by joining a Muay Thai camp, the reason being that Muay Thai training camps have experienced instructors whomake sure that you are doing all the moves fine and also help you in keeping strict form, so that you can prevent injury.
4. Practice, Practice and Practice
Training at Muay Thai camp is not enough, you have to practice again and again to make it perfect. So when you are at home, take out some time top practice all the moves which you learnt at the camp. This way you will progress faster than others and also master the art quicker than others.
5. Work on Stamina
Facing an opponent in the ring requires a lot of stamina and you'll need to work on it. If your stamina is poor, you won't be able to stand on your feet throughout the match and hence lose the fight. Do cardiovascular exercises to increase stamina, I suggest exercises like running or sports which involve lots of running; eg: Football, Basketball etc. You can also take up cycling or Swimming.

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