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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 18th ,2015

Muay Thai is not very known throughout the world
One is able to presume that the combat sport of Muay Thai was created and developed in Thailand due to having 'Thai' in the name. Though there are training camps for the sport all of the world, the majority of Muay Thai is practiced throughout Thailand. If you are serious about participating and learning about the sport, the obvious place to train at (if you can) would be a training camp that is located in the country of Thailand. This a physically draining and difficult practice to begin, and it takes someone who is strong mentally to be fully capable to participate. Muay Thai used the majority of bodily limbs to fight, and it takes a person who is quick on their thinking to be able to win in a combat arena. This sport is very small in participators, but the one's who do train are very smart and worthy of the intensity that would come with going to a training camp in Thailand.
Muay Thai
Muay Thai includes the total use of one's body: proving it very difficult to continue in the sport, let alone compete in matches against some of the greatest combative Muay Thai fighters. If someone is preparing to go to a training camp in Thailand, it can be easily presumed that not only are they mentally sharp, physically fit, but also very disciplined and already far in their training wherever they are. Muay Thai is a full contact combat sport, meaning that you are using all eight major limbs that the typical body is born with. Because of this, you have to have a full mental control over your body during training so that when you enter the combative arena against other professionals you do not lose sight of your training.
While the majority of major field events and training happens in Thailand, Muay Thai is also practiced worldwide, ranging in it's complexity. Even though this sport is underappreciated to an extent in the regards that not many know or participate in the sport, it actually has it's own sort of congress, or as they call it in Phuket, Suwit Muay Thai. Suwit Muay Thai gym is who the best participants show their skills and fight other renown Muay Thai fighters in front of, making them very important to the continuation and growth of the sport. Without training camps not just in Thailand, but also all over the world.
Even though Muay Thai is not very known throughout the world as a household sport, it is gaining deserved recognition due to the addition of the council. Due to how much physical and mental discipline is required, not many people who train can go forward and fight in Thailand, but they are able to continue learning about and training in the sport. Other major, famous fighting sports use Muay Thai as a basis in not only their training but when in their combat with other fighters. Muay Thai is gaining a name for itself and is able to stand by itself based on the integrity of the sport and the fighter's discipline.

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