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Suwit Aritlcle and news on February 16th ,2015

Muay Thai Training for fitness
Remember when you were little and you were into Bruce Lee, Jackie chan, then JET li etc, then you would practice with your mates, kicking, shadow boxing and screaming like bruce Hahyah! Now that you are grown, I know you have left all those fantasies behind and let life take over. Now you probably do not even have the time to travel. You probably planned a lot of adventures when you were younger, but now it seems it is never going to happen for you.
Muay Thai
What I want to tell you is that it does not have to be that way, you can live out all your childhood fantasies in one vacation. Think about it, you can fulfill all your childhood fantasies if you can be brave enough to try.
Have you ever been to Thailand? I suppose not. So here is what you are going to do, next time you are planning to travel out of town on holiday, be it in the summer or whenever, let Thailand be your destination. It is currently the number one tourist destination in the world without a doubt and for obvious reasons. For example, they have a city island called phuket, it has the most beautiful collection of white sand beaches in the world. Imagine an island full of beautiful white sand beaches, blue water and lots of half nude women. Have you thought about the local dishes, the exotic and exquisite cuisine? You know how the Asians do their things.
The strange thing about Asian communities is the ability to soak up maximum load of foreign cultures without compromising the core of their tradition. It is simply amazing. With all the visitors coming in from all around the world annually, it is amazing how they keep their deep cultural heritage.
One of these unrelenting never influenced cultures is the Thai martial art of Muay Thai. You can maintain high fitness levels by diligent practice.
Muay Thai originated in Thailand and generally nicknamed the art of eight limbs as it utilizes fully the four pairs of striking points of the body, feet, knees, elbows and fist. Imagine a long summer of say 2 to 3 months practicing; your fitness levels and confidence would be so high that you become contagiously attractive to women.
There are muay thai training camps scattered all around the country, hundreds, maybe thousands of them, but you should be careful which of them you choose. As enthusiastic as they are about tourism, muay thai still remains a serious tradition for them. There are some training camps located deep inside the villages where you won't see a single foreign face. There are some which were specifically created to accommodate foreign interests. Farang is the local way of calling foreigners. So some camps are farang friendly and some are not.
You can experience your childhood fantasies of being a martial art master, visit Thailand today for muay thai training.

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