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Suwit Aritlcle and news on January 24th ,2015

Muay Thai training is particularly good for women
In recent times, one of the training programs that have become a major attraction to people of all ages is Muay Thai. This can be attributed to the realization that a weekly Muay Thai workout can effectively help many, especially women, to achieve their personal wellness and fitness training goals.
Muay Thai
For the benefit of those who are not familiar with this type of martial art, Muay Thai is an ancient combat sport of the people of Thailand. It was developed several thousands of years ago as a form of self defense technique. Many people also refer to it as the 'Science of Eight Limbs' because the hands, elbows, feet, and knees can be used to strike and defend in combat.
From the early 70s, the sport became a widely accepted form of martial art at both the local and international level. As such many Muay Thai training camps were established in Thailand to cater for its increasing popularity and global acceptance. Especially in view of its ability to help trainees shed excess weight, increase strength and stamina within a few weeks of its workouts.
It must be noted that Muay Thai training in Thailand is particularly good for women who are interested in achieving cardiovascular endurance, weight loss and an overall physical well being. It is a great alternative compared to the tedious aerobic fitness classes offered in many parts of the western world.
There are some noticeable concerns in certain quarters about the suitability of physical activities like Muay Thai training program for women. Many are actually worried about getting hurt or developing muscles like men. Inasmuch as these are genuine fears to some extent, they are rather totally misplaced and inaccurate when compared to reality.
Muay Thai trainings in Thailand are specifically designed to make women stronger and develop their core without acquiring unnecessary muscles or the additional burden of getting big and bulky. To be candid, women are more suited for this type of martial art than men because its various workouts techniques are basically ideal for those with smaller and fragile physique.
In a nutshell, Muay Thai training program at Suwit Muay Thai camp can help anyone to improve physical well being and conditioning; increase stamina and strength, and teach some basic but essential self defense techniques. But all in all, it must be emphasized that there is no better exercise training program out there more than Muay Thai.
So for those women out there who are still looking for the missing link or something to spice up their life, nothing can be more rewarding or enjoyable than registering for Muay Thai in any of the numerous training camps in Thailand.

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