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Suwit Aritlcle and news on January 20th ,2015

How to Learn Muay Thai in Your Own Country ?
If you want to learn the national sport of Thailand or Muay Thai, train at Muay Thai camps in Thailand. There are camps designed for beginners up to professional fighters, and professionals teach at the camps. Muay Thai
Beginners receive step by step training instructions by members of professional Muay national training teams. All the basics of Muay Thai and fighting are taught, and beginners will benefit from the trainer’s years of fighting experience. You can learn the basics, improve techniques and learn new skills that will prepare you for competition or just for protection.
Training camps in Thailand are very enjoyable. The atmosphere is friendly and developed as a learning environment. One very nice by-product of training, camps are the weight loss program. By working hard and using all your body, you lose weight.
Training camps this holiday season are geared toward weight loss. The weather is quite warm in Thailand, and a fresh selection foods in Muay Thai training camps are designed to help you on your journey. Muay Thai training camps are not fitness or fat camps, but fun and a great way to lose weight. As you train and learn to box, you will tone your body. What a perfect way to push yourself in losing weight and gaining self-esteem by learning self-defense skills.
When determining the type of Muay Thai camp where you want to begin your training, start out by considering what type of experience you want to have. Write down what you feel is your current level of experience. Check out camps that are geared toward foreigners and in-country camps that cater to Thailand residents. If you feel you cannot get the full extent of training at foreigner camps, do not be discouraged. The benefits of training at foreign camps include a circuit of Thai fighters who live at the camp permanently and are ready to train you.
Foreign camps are perfect for beginners who have come to Paradise to train, see the sights and learn. The trainers speak English, which makes their instructions clear and understandable. You are surrounded by those who have come from foreign countries and have the same ideals as you do. These types of camps are located in desirable locations that visitors want to visit. If you wish to mix fitness and training with your vacation, consider those camps and gyms that are close to larger cities.
On the other hand if you are serious about training in Muay Thai, camps in rarely-visited parts of the country are superior to any other training camps. They are selective when taking on foreign trainees, but if you are prepared to be ultimately serious, these camps will give you the ultimate experience. Trainers here do not speak English. It will be a bonus to learn Thai, bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps, and form fast friendships with the wonderful Thai people.
Consider price, distance, and attention before deciding where you would like to train. There are the camps designed for foreign students, camps that are strictly Thai, and even smaller foreign camps that may offer more one-on-one training.

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