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Suwit Aritlcle and news on January 18th ,2015

"Phetmorakot" becomes the hot one.
Now, Chom Pheemea or Phetmorakot Teedet 99 has come back to show the greatness with good performance again after Tee Teedet 99 has made the list of him to fight in Suek Kertphet by the supporting of Chun Kertphet to become the master boxer with amazedness. Lately, for 2 matches he has won Phonluang Sitbunmee with several points as well as defeating Yuttakarn T. Thepsuthin beautifully with suitability to fight.
Muay Thai
After he has come back to show the beautiful form as the master couple boxer successfully , now Phetmorakot Teedet 99 or the former champion with good performance has his good body condition to come back for fighting with Promoter Chun Kertphet again. Moreover, Phetmorakot might not make disappointment to the muay thai fans surely after showing the good form and strategy to fight in 2 matches ; namely, to overcome Phonluang Sitbunmee with several points and defeating Yuttakarn T. Thepsuthin in Suek Kertphet on last Friday.
According to the latest match of Phetmorakot , he has showed the great form to become as the master boxer again , so the promoter Chun Kertphet has revealed that in the last 2 matches Phetmorakot has showed the excellent form to be caught the eyes on by the muay thai fans much , so now he can fight in 125-126 pounds with anyone. Then, when he has showed the beautiful form , in the next match it is difficult to find his couple boxer to fight. Thus, the teamwork of Kertphet should look for the couple boxer to fight and coordinate to him and the teamwork of Suek Kertphet to be considered for fighting.

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