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Suwit Aritlcle and news on January 14th ,2015

Muay Thai is a great way of exercise
Muay Thai is a combat sport which was originated in Thailand. It is also called as the art of eight limbs because the sport uses hands and legs and elbows and knees making it eight limbs. This sport has a huge fan following in Thailand. Thai people have an emotional connect with this sport as it is present in the roots of Thailand. Muay Thai has become an international sport and is recognised worldwide.
Muay Thai
As a result of this there are many aspirants for Muay Thai who want to learn this sport. They choose the training camps for Muay Thai that is available all around the globe with state of the art technology. But they are unbeatable when it comes to Thailand. The one thing that is missing in these training camps across the globe is the atmosphere. This is not at all available in any of the training camps. Many Muay Thai aspirants fear that there will be a language barrier in Thailand. But the trainers in Thailand are well versed with English as a language.
This sport is not only for playing but is a great way of exercise as well. It helps the person to learn discipline and makes them focus more. It is a good weight loss exercise. Women learn this sport as it is very active and always keeps the aspirant on their toes. The Thai people are really passionate about the game and are huge fan followers of the champions. It does not matter if the fighter is from Thailand or not. All that matters is that he/she is a champion in the sport. Such is the passion of Thai people. Whenever there is a match of Muay Thai, there is a feel of festive season in Thailand. All this shows the dedication and commitment towards the sport.

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