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Suwit Aritlcle and news on January 8th ,2015

3 Things which can ruin your Muay Thai Training
Muay Thai can be very demanding for novice students, the reason behind this is the amount of energy it demands and if you aren't able to provide that energy, you might hit a plateau or in simple language a state where you find almost impossible to reach higher level or get any better. This happens either when you overtrain your body or when you try hard to increase stress every workout. First thing remember that you cannot get better and better with every workout, it takes hard practice and repetitions to get better, so if you keep pulling your body higher, soon your body will hit the plateau and will drop you way down just like an elastic band or rubber band. The first reason is most common with new Muay Thai fighters, in order to get better quickly, they ignore their body signals and take their body to a level where it cannot sustain. Below are some common signs you'll notice while Muay Thai training, you must not ignore them but pay proper attention to them, this will ensure that your body remains fit for upcoming workouts and you perform better and better every time. Muay Thai
This is common and often ignored, our body 60-65% is made up of water and when you engage your body in an activity which raises your body temperature and heart rate, your body sweats. With sweat you lose water and your body gets dehydrated, to overcome this dehydration, it is really important that we refuel our body with fluids like water. You can also use sports drinks like Gatorade for refueling your body with essential components. During training make sure that you are always hydrated, take sips of water or energy drink (whatever you prefer) between your workouts and training sessions.
If you don't provide enough sleep / rest to your body and keep training for longer durations every day, your body will get overtrained. Overtraining is a bad thing, it drops your gains and weakens your body. It sucks all the energy from your body and make it weak. Also it causes stress to your mind, it makes the training difficult, you'll start losing interest in training since there will be no visible gains and soon you'll give up. I'll suggest you to take this seriously, follow the instructions given to you by your Muay thai coach, give adequate rest to your body and stay away from overtraining.
Make a habit of stretching your muscles before and after your training. This helps in reducing the muscle soreness post training. This also helps blood to flow in the muscles.

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