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Suwit Aritlcle and news on December 24th ,2014

Few things you should know about Muay Thai training
Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a martial art created as a product of the continuous fight between Thai people and the tribes they have encountered on their way to their homeland in present-day Thailand. Due to these constant conflicts with other people living in this area, a need for a martial art that can be learned quickly occurred. In the beginning Muay Thai was taught as part of the so-called warrior skills in which fencing, archery, handling spears and horse riding were included. Muay Thai
Muay Thai is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. This is also a modern sport which kept almost all the basic rules and principles. In the past years many foreigners are visiting Thailand in order to join a Muay Thai training camp and feel all the benefits that this sport brings.
Muay Thai is one of the most demanding sports. The physical condition of each Muay Thai fighter must be flawless and cardio is the main segment of every training session. The endurance must have its base and strength training is excellent and necessary aspect of supplementation of the physical aspect. By adding strength training and working with weights, the student can gain advantage against opponents and shape their body faster. Effective strength training like the one performed in a traditional Muay Thai camp, will allow much easier and more successful fight and faster realization of any type of fitness goals.
Professional Muay Thai fighters usually use running, bag and pad kicking, sparring and shadow boxing for their cardio, but circuit training is also an excellent method to stimulates the fighter and makes it more complete, no matter if we are talking about the preparation period or the off-season. After only a few weeks of regular training you can increase your strength and endurance to a really high level by performing the same exercises in a different way. If you are having some really intensive training classes, keep in mind that your body needs rest. For example, if you are making a combination of Muay Thai training with weight lifting it is better to leave the weight lifting for a week or two after a month.

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