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Suwit Aritlcle and news on October 28th ,2014

How to Find the Right Muay Thai for Your Needs
There are literally dozens of Muay Thai camps all over Thailand so finding a Muay Thai camp there is not really a difficult job. The high number of these camps is not a surprise - this is the national sport in Thailand and most Thais have tried Muay Thai training at least once in their lifetime. However, not all training camps can offer you the things you are looking for. They also don't have the same level of quality. This is why you need to be very careful, so some research and take few things into consideration before you decide to join a camp.
Muay Thai
Know your goals
Are you considering Muay Thai training in order to learn good self-defense technique? Is joining a Muay Thai camp part of your loss weight plan? If you know what is your goal (or goals) you will be able to find a camp easily. Not all camps have the equipment and staff to meet specific goals. Once you know your goals you can ask whether they can help you or not.
Are you sure that you are joining a Muay Thai camp
This is another big mistake that beginners make. There are many other martial gyms in Thailand - some of them are offering karate lessons while some of them are offering different Asian martial arts that are typical for the neighboring countries. Make sure you are joining a Muay Thai camp where traditional Muay Thai is practiced.
Proper training
You must find a Muay Thai camp that has trainers that are qualified and experienced. They must know how to instruct both men and women and people of different ages. Usually a trainer that has more than 10 years of experience in this field is considered to be quality trainer. They also need to know how to work with beginners if this is the first time in a martial arts camp.
The rates for the training programs are usually low, but don't be guided by the price when you make your final decision. It is better to pay a little bit more and get proper training in suitable conditions instead of saving money and workout in a low-quality place located in an unpleasant surrounding.

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