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Suwit Aritlcle and news on October 08th ,2014

Muay Thai - how to get involved?
Muay Thai is a combat sport, martial art and the national sport of Thailand. The object of Muay Thai is to subdue, immobilize or simply defeat the opponent. In this process the participants are allowed to use their hands, elbows, knees and feet. This discipline was once used as a self-defense technique and as a skill used for survival and today people get involved in Muay Thai training for many reasons. Some of them are looking for a way to improve their fitness level; some are using these training classes for their loss weight plan while some want to become pro fighters. Whatever your goal is you can be sure that Muay Thai training sessions will help you strengthen your body, improve your health and boost your self esteem. There are few ways to get involved in Muay Thai training and we will mention only some of them.
Muay Thai
1. Check the Muay Thai camps. There are dozens of Muay Thai camps in Thailand and this is most certainly the best and most efficient way to train. These camps are managed by people who have a lot of experience in Muay Thai and these camps usually have former Muay Thai fighters as instructors. This is the only way to learn authentic, traditional Muay Thai. Many students from around the world are taking 2-3 week vacation and go to these camps to get trained in this combat sport. Each camp has its own programs so make sure you find a camp that has programs that suit your personal needs. You can easily find a good camp by using the internet - check some forums, review sites and do some research through the major search engines.
2. Another option that is not as good as the first option is joining a local gym in your area offering Muay Thai classes. Muay Thai today is popular all over the world so it should be easy to find classes near you. This is a good option for those who can't afford to go to a camp in Thailand.
3. Learning Muay Thai via e-books and DVDs. This type of Muay Thai training doesn't have much effect but it may be a good solution for those preparing to go to a Muay Thai camp in Thailand. In this way you can learn the basis of this beautiful sport.

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