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Suwit Aritlcle and news on September 15th ,2014

Muay Thai news , Thai Boxing girl Tournament idea is pop up
Noi Meoungnon cooperate with a lawyer, K Log 3 have a good idea of boxing girl to fight in T sport boxing Tournament to get one hundred thousand baht as a reward. Anyone who interest can prepare the required documents and register in the end of September .
Muay Thai
T Sport Muay Thai began to gain more attention after moving to boardcast in Jitmounenong Thai boxing stadium, Nonthaburi every Sunday night which is the increasing number of people on stage and in front of the stadium. It's make organizer offer the idea to increased the Muay Thai tournament in this time. Now, Noi Meoungnon cooperate with a lawyer, Mr. K-Log 3 have a good idea of Boxing girl and talk with the organizer. They already agreed to have the live broadcast in T Sport boxing which Noi Meoungnon reveal the detail to Muay Saim that,
"Recently, I talk with a lawyer, K and have an idea of boxing girl by focus on the weight 52 kg and have one hundred thousand baht as a reward too. I am going to find a sponsor and will be announced again at the end of September . I spread the news to announce for accepting boxing girl. Anyone who is registered do not panic, I will keep it to consider in the next round of boxing and someone who interest this fight can prepare the required documents. The list is certainly not falling and I invited to follow it" Noi Meoungnon said.

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