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Suwit news on August 15th ,2014 .

Miraculous Transformation .
Today 's strenuous work and lifestyle leaves us with no time to think about our health. People lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat many greasy fast food preparations to save time and hassles. Unlike before machines do most of our strenuous work and hence we are getting lazy. The same case happened with my cousin and he got morbidly overweight. He started suffering from many ailments and the doctors told him that if he does not lose weight he may not live very long.
The death penalty gave him the motivation he needed to think very seriously about losing weight. He left his job and booked a ticket to Thailand and joined a Muay Thai camp for losing weight. There were many people from all over the world who were there to lose weight.
Since he weighed 200 kilograms it was difficult for him to even more around the camp and also had trouble breathing. Despite that his training started just 2 days after he arrived at the camp. He used to run or walk as fast as possible for 6 kilometers without eating anything. After that his breakfast was only fresh fruit salad. He had to attend two boxing session every day. His dinner was grilled chicken, vegetables, and brown rice. In the start he was struggling to walk even 500 meters but now after losing 120 kilograms he can run for 10 kilometers every day.
He was a sportsman in his youth but when he started working he got lazy and did not want to change anything in his comfortable lifestyle. Now when he returned home for a holiday even his parents had a hard time recognizing him. His friends walked passed him as they could not recognize him at first glance. He encourages obese people to visit Muay Thai camps from training as he says there are a lot of people with similar problems training there and there is nothing to feel shy or insecure about.
His story is inspiring for many people as many people come to these camps but cannot stick to the plans of this very rigorous training schedules. He says it is definitely difficult to train at early mornings considering you will feel tired and fell fatigued physically and mentally. Also you will have to eat a lot of vegetable and unappealing food, therefore one must be disciplined enough to go through these.
Now he is determined to follow his healthy lifestyle, and continue to train and teach people on Muay Thai techniques. His trainers at the Muay Thai camp are very proud of him for being able to attain his goal of losing weight.

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