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Suwit news on August 14th ,2014 .

My Brother 's Muay Thai Experience .
My brother is a fighter and he always gets into fights for the right causes. He has fought with several people and says that he is not happy because the fights were about brute force without any technique. The people who watch action movies may know that there is a science to everything and there is a technique for fighting as well. He has tried Karate and Kung fu training also but finally went to Thailand to try out Muay Thai. He now says that Muay Thai is the best thing that ever happened to him.
Muay Thai
He says that Muay Thai is an extreme sport and it really tests the fitness and spirit of a fighter. This also makes you stronger and confident. He feels that the fight techniques are very easy to understand and the people who continue training can become good fighters. A typical session gives you a great feeling as everyone is hitting bags, dripping in sweat, kicking pads, working with trainers, and sparing with classmates. The energy levels are very high and just when you will feel that you are going to collapse of exhaustion the trainers tell you to do 300 pushups, 200 sit ups, and 200 kicks. Muay Thai became has calling and his second love. He recommends it for people who want to lose weight and for those people who want a challenging hardcore fitness program.
He told after returning that normally when you join a camp for training you have to buy your own boxing equipment. He also appreciated his camp for being clean apart from people sweating all over it. However he also said that since it is a contact sport and mainly focuses on hand to hand combat normal gym equipments were in bad shape. But overall he is fond of the place and said it gave him a good vibe. The camp had people from all over the world and some of them were very serious about Muay Thai training just like him.
Food restrictions are not there in Muay Thai training and this is something all trainees have to manage on their own. The good thing is that all the nearby restaurants have something called a "fighter's menu". These menus offer healthy options for people who are health conscious or are under training. Food is very delicious at Thailand and you should be careful not to indulge in the spicy varieties.

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