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Suwit news on August 12th ,2014 .

Why train Muay Thai .
Muay Thai is a tough martial art, practiced in Thailand and in the whole region of South-East Asia for centuries. Muay Thai (or Thai Boxing as many people from the Western countries call it) is the national sport in Thailand. People really love this sport and as a matter of fact few years ago the authorities declared an official Muay Thai Day when various manifestations are held. Modern Muay Thai is focused on 8 contact points (hands, elbows, knees and feet) and it is a very challenging sport.
Muay Thai & sport
However, people of all ages and both genders can practice it. On top of that, people with low fitness can practice it too. The exercises in this sport can be easily adjusted so they can fit anyone. As the student progresses, he or she can practice more demanding exercises/movements. Although very often people are learning Muay Thai as a tool for self-defense the truth is that this sport can be very offensive too. This is a complete martial art for any occasion.
As the interest in Muay Thai grew all over the world, many Muay Thai schools were opened in Europe, America and Australia. However, it is a well known fact that none of them can be compared to the Muay Thai camps in Thailand. A good traditional Muay Thai camp in Thailand can provide everything a student needs regardless of his level. No matter if he is a complete beginner or an experienced Muay Thai fighter these camps can be useful for everyone. This is the place where you can find all the equipment and where you can get directions about the training sessions. The professional trainers working in these camps will help you focus on the right way to improve your stamina, fitness level and Muay Thai techniques.
Modern Muay Thai was influenced by the Western culture in some elements such as roped ring and wearing gloves but its core has remained the same as it was centuries ago (especially in Thailand). There are few other combat sports that look similar to Muay Thai but none of them can provide the fitness training, mental improvement and discipline that Thai Boxing provides.

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