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Suwit Aritlcle and news on August 11th ,2014 .

Muay Thai - Sport .
Muay Thai is a martial art originating from Thailand. The old written sources suggest that there were 9 "weapons" of Muay Thai in the past - head, fists, elbows, knees and feet. Today, modern Muay Thai doesn't allow use of the head. Muay Thai has long history in Thailand and this sport has evolved a lot especially in the past two centuries when it finally got the shape in which is known today. Today Muay Thai has strict rules. For example, professional matches last for five rounds (3 minutes each) and a break of around 2 minutes between every round. Amateur matches last a little bit shorter. Professional matches are organized on daily basis in the capital of Thailand - Bangkok.
Muay Thai & sport
Modern Muay Thai clothing includes gloves (with ropes under the gloves), mouthpiece, shorts, genital protector and traditional headband called mongkon.
During the training process, athletes learn about different Muay Thai techniques and the more techniques they know the more successful they will be in their matches. Proper closure of fists, Muay Thai movement, kicking techniques, punching techniques and defensive and/or attacking techniques are all part of Muay Thai training sessions.
The training sessions can be divided in two categories- basic training and professional training. The basic training is practiced by amateur athletes but in recent time this basic training is getting really popular among people who are looking for powerful fitness training (weight loss, building muscles etc.). The professional training sessions are more demanding and they are practiced by established Muay Thai athletes that already have a certain level of experience in this combat sport.
It is also interesting to mention that before every Muay Thai match there is a ritual ceremony called Wai Khru which witnesses that Muay Thai is more than a sport in Thailand - it is part of their culture.
People interested in Muay Thai training (both amateur and professional training) will find joining a Muay Thai training camp as the best way to achieve their objectives. These training grounds have all the necessary things that student need in order to get familiar with Muay Thai or in order to improve their Muay Thai techniques.

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