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Suwit news on June 8th ,2014

The muay thai news on 8th June 2014 by Suwit muay thai training camp .
On June 5th , 2014 Nichao SuwitGym is the new flyweight champion of Rajadamnern Stadium .
The Championship video of Nichao of June 5th .

Nichao Suwitgym (red) vs Petrat Wor Wiwatananon (blue) at 112lbs. From Rajadamnern Stadium, Bangkok Thailand on the 5th June 2014 .
The champion of Rajadamnern Stadium is the great champion in Thailand . Then SuWitGym is the real and professional Muay Thai camp in Thailand .

Why learn Muay Thai in Thailand?
Although Muay Thai (Thai boxing) has become one of the most popular combat sports in the world a lot of people link this sport with violence, meaningless kicks and punches and moves typical for action heroes. Muay Thai is more than that and although some of those moves that we can see on movies can be performed not everyone can perform them. But to be honest that 's the beauty of Muay Thai. Everyone can start learning it regardless of their physical abilities and readiness.
Muay Thai is probably the most entertaining form of sports training in the world. Joining a Muay Thai camp is the best thing to experience that entertainment and fun. You will find numerous camps throughout Thailand that teach Muay Thai. With their help you will not only improve your health, but you can make friends and watch the beauties of one of the most popular countries in the world - Thailand.

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