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muay thai sweden Will Harwood , australia muay thai ( 2 months : December 2008 , January 2009 )

Training at Suwit gym was rewarding at the least .With the best local trainers you can push your skills , knowledge and fitness level to achieve whatever you want .
Suwit muay thai has some of the friendliest people I have met in Thailand . I've made some good friends and will be back fore sure . I advise anyone to train here who wants a good challenge .

muay thai sweden Jacob , muay thai sweden fighter ( 2 months : January , February 2009 )

Suwit Gym gave me so good experience in life and in training Muay Thai. I want to thank all the trainers for their effort and kindness. I really enjoyed the training with them all. Everybody from Suwit Gym are great persons, really kind. What I really appreciated was to get into the ring, two times when I was there. Very thankful for that. It gave me a lot. I think Suwit is very thoughtful and caring of all us foreign fighters. I would really like to return whenever I can, only time will tell. I had so much fun there too. Most of the fighters were really fun and nice people, got many friends from there. Perhaps friends for life. Wish everybody best of luck in the future. Hope I see you all again!

muay thai ireland Emily , Ireland muay thai ( 1 month : April 2009 )

I would recommend Suwit Muay thai gym to anyone wanting to learn muay thai in Thailand . The accommodation is good . Best of all the trainers are enthusiastic , professional and extremely welcoming . My time here was worth it and all though people come and go all the time there was always a good and appropriate mix of age , nationality and personalities .

muay thai germany Felix , muay thai Germany ( 1 month : August 2009 )

To train in Suwit-gym, it was a very good idea for me to spend my holydays in thailand. The training is very mixed up: A group of muay-thai pupils from all over the world. Some of them they were very beginners, others they were very good fighters, from amateur to pro. The thai-fighters of the gym they are fighting on a very high level: Some of them are fighting in Bangkok in the big stadiums. So it is a good place to learn muay-thai from the best. The trainers show you everything about it, the training is very hard, but not too hard -you can just do it.
Another great thing about it is the home-stadium: Suwit has an own stadium, were fightnight is every Friday and you can see all the good fights for free .Also you can do a fight there if you want.
The living there is also very good. Maybe the rooms in the gym are not perfect, but you”ll not miss any training session when you sleep right next to the big ring! The other rooms at the pool are quite comfortable, with good TV, climate, cooler and a nice bathroom. The pool and all the plae there is very calm and comfortable. The pupils live there together and you can hang around and relax between the sessions. But the best thing is the atmosphere around the gym: To live and train in Suwit, it feels like you are a big family there. You train together with the thais, live together with other fighters from the world and enjoy a wonderful place of thailand. If you need anything, you can get it from the gym - the manager named Kittisak will take care for you if you need a lift from the airport, a scooter to rent or anything else.

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