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Frequently Asked Questions

More than words , you can watch the Videos of Training & Rooms at SuWit Camp

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1. Why should I choose SUWIT MUAY THAI CAMP for my training?

Our Thai boxing camp is highly experienced due to its practice, which is longer than 25 years. Local and foreign students have been tutored to the real Muay Thai technique. The trainers have had numerous classes of teaching the genuine Thai boxing and they possess the expertise needed to instruct customers from various countries with different abilities and levels of knowledge. There are some new Thai instructors that have been trained on the spot and decided to continue using their fighting skills at my camp.

Located on the charming island of Phuket, our training camp gives you the perfect opportunity to accompany your martial art classes with some sightseeing and leisure activities.

The neat recreation room and the other fully equipped premises are all accessible for you in the Muay Thai camp.

We can also boast with an Thai food service.

We believe that our price for training plus a recreation room is affordable and of high quality.

Owning the Muay Thai stadium we will make sure you are going to receive a gratuitous ticket for a true Thai boxing fight that is held each Friday night (in case you have been training for over 2 weeks).

Prepayments for a few months ahead are not necessary-you should only pay for the current month. We don't require the advancement for a longer period, because we are confident that you will be satisfied with the training program and environment in the SuWit camp and eager to go on with it. 

2. Will I be accepted in your Muay Thai camp?

Due to our rich experience with training Thai boxers, we invite everybody that is interested to study with us: from beginners to professionals. Feel free to join us if you are looking for competition, knowledge, losing weight or even if you just need to relax.

People of any gender and age are most welcome to train with us.

3. Where am I going to stay?

There are many rooms for rent in our camp, that are with a fan or an air conditioner and include: big bed, interior bathroom with hot water, DVD, Cable TV (English, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Australia, China, Korea, etc.) and free WiFi.

It costs between 6,000 and 8,000 Baht a room per month. Check out here for some additional information: [Room]

4. Why are the prices of my package so cheap (a minimum of 11,000 Baht per month for training & individual room)?

The reason is that via this website you get in touch with the SuWit Muay Thai camp owner immediately. The result of the lack of a middleman and commission is a quality package of services at a reasonable price.

The rates of Training & Individual room packages start as low as 11,000 Baht for 1 month.

5. Are there a lot of costs each day?

Decreasing your daily expenditures is possible if you don't go too far away from the camp and rent a car/motorbike, because it is much more inexpensive in comparison with the prices of the beach hotels. The meal is only 50 Baht and the fuel for a 1-day usage of a motorcycle is less than 50 Baht. Here is a short list with approximate prices of some necessities:

- Meals = 3,000 Thai Baht/month (2 meals/day)

- Renting a motorcycle for transportation = 2,500 Thai Baht/month (Don't forget your driver's license!)

- Visa Run for staying in Thailand for 15 days (2 months) = 1,500 Thai Baht (4,500 Baht)

- Other common expenses = 3,000-9,000 Thai Baht/month (E.g. drinks, snacks, soap, etc.)

6. How do I get there?

Many transportation means are available to Phuket, because the picturesque island is quite popular and attended by plenty of tourists. You can book a flight from another country directly to Bangkok and consecutively to Phuket.

7. How can I make trips all over Phuket?

You are able to travel inside the island by bus, taxi and by renting a motorcycle (200Baht/day) or a car (1000 Baht/day). Just keep in mind to bring your driver's license with you.

8. Will I have a chance to fight in a match?

We occasionally hold matches in our stadium, so we can organize one for you, too. However you must have good fitness .

9. How long is the Visa for my stay valid?

As far as we know, in case your passport is European or American and you are arriving with no Visa prepared beforehand, you will directly receive a Visa with a duration of 1 month (30 days) at the Customs / Passport Check Point at the Thai airport (only for flights, not bus trips). The Visa can be renewed whenever it expires, by a Visa Run (the costs vary between 1,500 and 4,500 for respectively: 2 weeks and 2 months). However, it is not easy to get longer visa 90 days .

You will need a long-time Visa for your own convenience if you decide to stay over 45/90 days in Thailand. Otherwise, the short-time one has to be renewed each 15 days.

Our advice is to consult with a Thai Embassy close to you, though, so that they could give you more precise information about the Visa requirements.

The most reliable source of Visa information:

10. How can I make a room reservation?

You may check for available rooms by contacting us and then send the sum of 2,000 Baht (67 USD, 50 Euro) by Paypal or one of the other possible payment methods in order to book a room. The rest of the price is collected on your arrival.

Starting to train with us is possible at any time of the year, but finding an unoccupied room now and then might be a problem.

In case you don't wish to reserve a room, you could start training right away. If we don't have any free rooms, I can help you find some others, which will be more pricey, though.

11. Why have we named the camp SuWit?

Mr. SuWit owns the Su-Wit Muay Thai camp. Traditionally, the Muay Thai camp names originate either from the name of their owner, or from their location.

12. Is it possible to enroll for a shorter period than a month?

You have the options to train for 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month or longer. It is not a problem for us. All you have to do is get in touch with us to take a look at the rates and the current available rooms. Some of our students practice for 1-2 weeks only, while others prefer a period as long as possible.

13. Is Muay Thai suitable for me if I want to lose weight?

We have many martial arts students that do our exercises in order to stay in shape or even get thinner. There are clients of ours that have lost over 22 pounds (10 kg) a month. Others were able to burn 2-4 kg during the first week. They have all accomplished that because of the combination of our entertaining Muay Thai classes and the lovely tropical weather on the island.

14. How can I reach the SuWit Muay Thai gym from the airport?

We could arrange to drive you from the airport in Phuket straight to the SuWit camp at any time. Please, inform us in advance about the number of your flight, the date and time of its arrival and your full name, so that our staff can pick you up.

The SuWit staff is going to wait for you at the corresponding gate where people are holding signs for the visitors they are expecting to come.

Our person is going to hold a sign with your name on it.

Call me on my mobile phone to talk with the taxi driver if you prefer to come to the SuWit Muay Thai gym by taxi. That way I could easily instruct him/her in Thai on how to find the SuWit Muay Thai camp. However, it will be nice if you are able to let me know that you are arriving, in advance, so that I could clean the room and prepare it for you.

The Videos of Training & Rooms at the SuWit Camp can give you a better idea than any description
Videos : [Click here for Videos: Training & Rooms ]

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