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Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests :

Suwit muay thai 2012 Dave Poyer , USA ( 6 weeks : July - August 2012 )

Suwit Muay Thai Gym is a whole lot of fun. I stayed here just over seven weeks in Summer 2012. I had never been to Thailand before, so I thought I would write a review about how the gym itself actually looks, feels, and works.

Whether you are a straight-up beginner, a seasoned fighter, or just want to tone up and get fit, this place will help you meet your goals. It looks exactly like the kind of covered, outdoor Muay Thai gym in the middle of the jungle that you see on TV, with three rings; all sorts of bags; and a lot of mat space on which to work out. Even with a big crowd, there is always an open bag. They also have a small weights area, pull-up bars, and lifecycle. Pretty much all you need to buy here is hand wraps.

Training runs six a day week, twice a day: first at 8:00 in the morning, and again at 3:30 in the afternoon. Conditioning, warm-up, and cool-down are largely self-paced, but they have a round timer that runs throughout the session, so you can manage your time easily. This gym has so many trainers with so many different fighting styles walking around, ready to help you out and impart knowledge, that you will not want to miss a single workout. All the Kru (trainers) are all either current or retired fighters, many with 200+ fights. Some started their fight careers as young as eight years old. They inspire your confidence in them and more importantly, in yourself.

And it is authentic: Suwit houses and trains their own local Thai Boxers, and you share the facility with them. Note: Suwit is a traditional Muay Thai gym; no cages, kettlebells or yoga in this place. But it is nearby, if six hours of Thai Boxing per day is not enough training for you. Do not sweat not getting enough trainer attention here though. One trainer oversees about two to four people at a time: they call you into the ring for your one-on-one session each workout (both workouts per day, Monday-Saturday): you hit the pads, work drills, sometimes light sparring. They work you to the envelope of your ability and stamina. Some folks can hang and bang six rounds. Others are lying down in the ring in their own pool of sweat after just two. So do not sweat it if you are not in shape already, you will get there fast. I was no beginner, but my trainer immediately saw the holes in my game and helped me plug them, giving me lots of drills to work on the bag and with a partner. No one walks away feeling like they did not get their session’s worth. I loved it! I am always shocked how many people did not come to training but once a day, or just a couple times a week. But that is okay, it meant I got more individual work with the trainers, it was awesome.

Suwit is also the place to go if you are on a tight-budget, if you can dig living without AC or a fridge, you can get a fan room cheaper and stay longer and train more by foregoing the creature comforts westerners dig. Or if, you can not dig that, they have got plenty of newly-constructed rooms with all the creature comforts too.

The Fight Stadium is right on premises. If you are a multi-week guest, they hook you up with a free fight ticket. It is a ton of fun. Or you can fight, if you are serious about fighting, and you work hard, condition, run, and your trainer says you are good to go, Suwit Gym can help you launch your fight career. Or if you do not care about that, and are just out to try new stuff on your vacation and still enjoy life and drink beer; make friends; pet a baby elephant; take a day trip to that island where they shot Dr. No; ride a scooter with your girlfriend; surf Kata Beach; maybe do a little diving, just working in Muay Thai in what free time is left, Suwit is still a good place to stay. It is not right by the beach, but if you rent a scooter, you can get anywhere in short minutes.

Suwit Gym is a family business, and everyone here works hard to make sure you enjoy your stay: it is a one-stop shop, with everything on-site, from a grocery store, restaurant, gym, fight shop, scooter rental and Muay Thai stadium itself. Staying here is like becoming extended family. If there is a problem, they are responsive in fixing things. I recommend the meal plan. I enjoyed the food here immensely. I look forward to returning someday soon.

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