Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests:

Jonathan , Canada ( 5 weeks : January - February 2018 )

Really nice gym, the training is hard and there is no ego in the room. I spent 5 weeks there and I can say that I would go again.

David , England ( 1 month : Februay - March 2018 )

I highly recommend Suwit Muay Thai gym to anyone looking to learn, train or fight the art of Muay thai .
Here is a great place for all levels. You will become like family as all trainers are kind and willing to help you with all of your interest.
I have the best time here and have improved my skill and fitness more than I thought possible. I will definitely be coming back . Will Miss Everyone.

Ditmir Alibali , Albania ( 6 weeks : April - May 2018 )

I am Ditrmir from Albania. I was a truly beginner at martial arts, but often spending 6 weeks hre at Suwit gym. I have done a lot of improvements in many areas such as cardio, power, techniques, speed. The trainers pushed me hard, so I can really feel changes in my body like I never feel before. I spend amazing time with everybody here, both with trainers and the guys, like a family . I 'm planning to come back soon.
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