Muay Thai Camp and Review from Muay Thai training in Thailand
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Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests:

Jonathan , Canada ( 5 weeks : January - February 2018 )

Really nice gym, the training is hard and there is no ego in the room. I spent 5 weeks there and I can say that I would go again.

David , England ( 1 month : Februay - March 2018 )

I highly recommend Suwit Muay Thai gym to anyone looking to learn, train or fight the art of Muay thai .
Here is a great place for all levels. You will become like family as all trainers are kind and willing to help you with all of your interest.
I have the best time here and have improved my skill and fitness more than I thought possible. I will definitely be coming back . Will Miss Everyone.

Ditmir Alibali , Albania ( 6 weeks : April - May 2018 )

I am Ditrmir from Albania. I was a truly beginner at martial arts, but often spending 6 weeks hre at Suwit gym. I have done a lot of improvements in many areas such as cardio, power, techniques, speed. The trainers pushed me hard, so I can really feel changes in my body like I never feel before. I spend amazing time with everybody here, both with trainers and the guys, like a family . I 'm planning to come back soon.
Gjith te mirat
H Clay Shelton , USA ( 1 month : October 2018 )

Training at the Suwit Gym was absolutely the best decision that I lucked into! I had never tried any sort of kickboxing before, much less Muay Thai but as I neared my 40th birthday I wanted to learn it and I wanted to learn from actual Thai trainers. I originally chose Suwit Gym for its reputation (and my budget) but I had no idea how amazing it would be!
Twice a day I got to spend time learning from the amazing all-Thai training staff, pretty much individual training. But I also got to meet incredible people from all over the world who have become my friends and teammates! We all went and supported each other (and our trainers) at fights all over the island. But it gets better. This family-owned business also has an eatery staffed with the nicest ladies who helped me learn some Thai words and explained all kinds of customs and celebrations.
There's a reason why so many people come here year after year. I know that I'm already planning my next visit in a couple of months!!!
Abo , Saudi Arabia ( 6 weeks : October - November 2018 )

I stayed in Suwit gym for 6 weeks . The training is great sand the staff and trainers are super friendly. The level and techniques my Muay Thai has been improving since day 1. Also here you have the change to watch fights for free at the stadium every Friday night.
I feel that I choose the right place for training and I'm looking forward to be here again in the future.
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