Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests:

Gemma , Australia ( 1 month : March - April 2017 )

I stayed at SuWit for 4 weeks and had the best 4 weeks ever. The trainers are fantastic and are very good with fighter of all experience levels.
The apartments are well furnished, clean and comfortable and the pool area is a great place to hang out with your new friends.
I highly recommend SuWit Muay Thai

Ki-Jung , Korea ( 1 month : April -May 2017 )

It was just amaaaaaazing,I will never forget the time at Suwit gym....8 days of staying and 16 hours of training was very short time, but it gave me a lot !!! Before leaving, I asked you that I really want to learn muaythai, meet real teacher and jump my muaythai up durind my holyday...

Wooow!!! Yes....It really was...
I want to specal thanks to you about managing all of my wish...
II stayed there very short time, but I was so lucky to meet amazing teacher, Seb...learn from and train with him... Even I'm not good at muaythai, he helped me a lot to jump up... Kittisak, please send my massage to Seb that I really want to say thank him... Even if I I'm a very short term student, He was willing to train faithfully, became my real muaythai teacher and helped my skill jumping up!!! I will try not to forget his teaching as much as possible even in Korea... I hope to be there and learned from Seb even longer...
I will miss Suwit gym a lot and all of people over there... Thank you so much Kittisak, you made my holyday so wonderful... I will never forget Suwit gym and try to be there again.... Thank you for everything.... Have a very nice day !!!

Ruuben Suits , Estonia ( 1 week : September 2017 )

In the beginning I didn't know what to expect. The more I was training the more. I started to like the gym and people. Accommodation fits perfectly with the training schedule. After training you can jump straight in the pool, which is next to the house. Gym is only couple of hundred meters from the house so you can sleep a lot. Coaches are better then you can imagine and sad to sleave , but if I come back and want to train in Thailand , then Suwit gym is the first place I come.

Thank you very much for all the coaches and night people I met.

The apartments are well furnished, clean and comfortable and the pool area is a great place to hang out with your new friends.
I highly recommend SuWit Muay Thai

Mizuki Shimokihara , Japan ( 1 week : September 2017 )

1 Training
Muay Thai is really good the first time in my life . My coach was great. Beginning it was very hard for me the training . But he always teaches me Muay Thai form and after training he made message for me very well.I'm so happy . I could training in here thank.
2 Accommodation
It was awesome . I can't say noting.
3 Rental bike "perfect".
Thank you for a week training and accommodation . I love Suwit gym and people. I highly recommend SuWit Muay Thai

Fedor , Russia ( 1 month : November 2017 )

Suwit gym what can I say.. A wonderful traditional, rustic, tranquil, authentic Thai experience. Still it is located only 5 minutes scooter ride from the Tiger Street with all those commercialized gyms. Trainers are personal workouts are all private 1 on 1 . I will come here again.

Elena , Germany ( 3 weeks : December 2017 )

Amazing time, amazing people , easy and helping . Awesome Trainers really individual and a lot of fun. It is like a family in Suwit ! I will definitely come back again. You can't do any better deal. Happy that I stayed here!