Muay Thai Camp and Review from Muay Thai training in Thailand
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Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests:

Michele , Germany ( 2 weeks : January 2014 )

I've just been at SuWit Gym for two weeks but even in that short time I could improve my fighting skills and fitness. As a positive side effect I lost some weight. The trainers are highly qualified and motivated to teach you. It's great to train with the locals. At SuWit you will get an authentic feeling what Muay Thai is really like, especially when seeing the fights on Fridays. The training is based on your current fitness level and experience and they will really push your limits to make you stronger. I love the family-like feeling with all the ppl at the gym, that goes for the locals as well as with the other foreigners. I feel very grateful for training there and can't wait to come back soon!

Michele Manni , Italy ( 4 months : February 2014 )

I spent 4 month training in Suwit and it was such a great experience. I was brand new to any type of fighting, these guys are great at teaching. They go through technique at the start of every session for beginners and making sure you've got the right technique all the time. Great place to train, all the trainers are always smiling, joking with you, laughing, trying to trip each other up and everyone training are fun like minded people. I'd recommend this to everyone, there was always a mix of young, old, girls, guys, unfit, fit. Anyone can do it if your fit or not you will be by the end! So if you looking to meet great new friends learn the best MARTIAL ART & sweat a-lot then this is for you.
Thanks guys I'll be back!

Josh Masis , Australia ( 2 weeks : March 2014 )

Looking for something different in thailand - try Suwit Muay Thai - BEST MUAY THAI. Have been here twice and enjoyed it great trainers; reasonable accomodation and facilities - great price!! Most of all great people - have made friends here from all over the world. If you look for fitness or fight -Suwit is number 1!

Tom , UK ( 1 week : November 2014 )

I was a complete beginner of Muay Thai before Suwit . It was a great experience learning the basics here - in one week i got confident learning pad work and bag work with my own personal trainer . The training was not too much , which left lots of time for conditioning and strengthening which are important to me . I had a great time and got to meet a lot of cool pepople . Thanks .

Jeremy Ng , Canada ( 2 week : December 2014 )

The trainings here are your best friends and worst enemies . They will teach you and be friend you ,but they will also push you and drill you just like they should . Everyone is friendly , helpful , and skilled . Come here and get your butt back in shape and in gear . Jeremy Ng
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