Muay Thai reviews from our SuWit Muay Thai guests:

Marcus Dawkins , USA ( 1 month : December 2010 )

I stayed at the Suwit camp for a total of two month. Being new to muay thai and never before visiting Thailand, I did not know what to expect from my stay. Phuket was the most beautiful island I have ever seen and everyone was friendly. The one on one training that I received was more then I could have asked for. The trainers are determined to make you the best fighter possible and push you to your limits. If you are looking for the ultimate training experience or just want to get a taste of Thailand Suwit is the place for you.

muaythai training review

Christian Nielsen , Sweden ( 6 months : January 2011 - July 2011 )

'I stayed at SuWit muay thai gym from January to June 2011 and I only have good memories. Before I came to Suwit I had been training muay thai for maybe 6 months. The trainer that I got, Wanmai, was just perfect. He pushed me in training and you could really tell that he just as the other trainers love muay thai. The best thing about the gym if you ask me is that you can train soo much with the thai fighters, that gives you a totally different training compared to only training with foreign boxers. All people at suwit get really close because the gym is pretty small, soo the term ''Suwit family'' that many people end up using could not be more true. I stayed both in shared fan room and by the pool. The pool area is really great with big rooms and a nice social area by the pool. Shared fanroom and the fanrooms at gym is maybe for people with little more ambitions or just a thigt budget, thats where i'm going to stay this time, because ofcourse i'm going back!

muaythai training review

Lisa , Uk ( 2 weeks : May 2011 )

I arrived at the Suwit Camp in May 2011. I was a little worried at first because I am female and was going to be travelling and training alone. My concern did not last long as the trainers, fighters and other visitors soon made me feel very welcome. I stayed mainly at the accomodation at the gym which added to the experience as I was awakened to the sound of bags being kicked and punched, people skipping and of course Thai music. The training is hard but really worthwhile and the experience of belonging to a group of Muay Thai fighters was great as was seeing the live fights each Friday. The atmosphere at the gym and the camp is really good and the visitors often socialise together after training sometimes with the fighters and trainers. It is a great way to experience real Thai culture and I would have no hesitation in recommending Suwit gym to anyone, male or female, who is interested in Muay Thai and I am certainly planning a second trip .

muaythai training review

Attila , Germany ( 1 month : November 2011 )

People always told me that Suwit Muay Thai is a really good camp .
I could not realize how good the training was until I stared training . It is great !
Every morning you hear the lound noises of the bags being kicked . Nak Muays everywhere shouting when doing combination on the pads .
I will miss that .
The trainer always helping you and funny aswell ! :)
This way my first tip in an Asia country .
I came alone to Thailand ,but I am very happy to meet new friends . People are son nice around here . With my stay in Suwit Muay Thai camp I improved a lot .
I will miss the training here . But next year I want to come back and fight in the name of SuWit Muay Thai .
Train hard , Fight easy .

muaythai training review

Timothy van der Werff , New Zealand ( 1 month : November 2011 )

I have enjoyed my time at SuWit Muay Thai more than I expected to . the past month has flow past and I have had a great experience . All the people training at the gym were very welcoming and friendly and the trainers managed to push me at every training whilst still keeping things fun . I would definitely recommend anyone to give th the camp a try and I will return someday in the future .