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SuWit Muay Thai Camp, Thailand

Our 25-year practice as a genuine Muay Thai camp is due to the Thai boxing proficiency that we have accomplished during this long period of time.

If you are interested in Muay Thai training at a Thailand camp, we will be happy to welcome you..

Special Packages for Training Muay Thai in Thailand :

- Training + Private Room (own bathroom ) of 1 month = 11,000 Baht ( 353 USD , 253 Euro )
- If you want only training , the cost 1 month is 9,000 Baht .
- The extra charge for private training ( one on one , 2 session a day ) 1 month is 8,000 Baht .

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The Muay Thai classes in Muay Thai camp are suitable for each individual.Whether you are male or female; young or old; skilled in martial arts or an amateur; the exercises and competition in the Muay Thai camp would help you make your body fit.

SuWit Muay Thai Training camp & gym, located at the Thai island Phuket, has more than 25 years experience of teaching Thai boxing. At this very moment, we will be glad to welcome every single enthusiast around the globe. During the whole year the SuWit Muay Thai camp organizes classes twice a day. We also have a recreation room service. Tutoring foreigners in martial arts is not a new occurrence for us , we have had students from the USA, England, Canada, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands, Estonia, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and many other countries.

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Thai boxing (Muay Thai) used to be a national martial art for our native land, but it has gradually shaped up into a sport. The fight competition was responsible for this slow development. Nowadays, some of the most important techniques in mixed martial arts can be found in Muay Thai. That is why we are certain that Muay Thai is the best standing style martial art in the world that uses fists, elbows, feet and knee in locking and hitting activities. We allow any beginners, professional boxers or Muay Thai camps to join us in Thailand, so that we could train together.
  Thai fighter  muay thai camp  On 5th June 2014 , Nichoa SuWit Gym is the new flyweight Rajadamnern Champion . It is the great Muay Thai champion in Thailand . , Video of championship match . He was the Thailand Muay Thai champion 112 Lbs form Lumpinee muay thai stadium too . Then Suwit muay thai gym is real muay thai camp and have the professional to train and live at gym .
   muay thai camps  First time Dlan from USA trained with us in beginning of 2017 . Now it is the 2nd time at Suwit gym so he return to train with us from August 2017 and he plan to fight in December 2017.
   muay thai camp  Nick is from Hungary and he is more 50 year olds . His first time at SuWit gym was in 2015 and he come to trained with us every year. He train with us in October 2017 again. So many guest always return to train with us .
  muay thai camp muay thai training camp  muay thai camp  If you stay in my rooms , after muay thai training you can relax with the pool .
Click to video : muay thai video of rooms and pool
  muay thai camp muay thai training  muay thai camp  If you train with Suwit Muay Thai camp , you will get a free ticket on every Friday Night to watch Muay Thai fighting in Muay Thai stadium . It is about 900 - 2,000 Baht for ticket , but it is free for out muay thai student who stay in my rooms .

Phuket City

SuWit Muay Thai camp camp is situated in the Thai province Phuket, because Muay Thai originates from Thailand. In order to study the pure Muay Thai martial art, you need to be trained in Thailand. There is no bigger island in Thailand other than the pearl of the Andaman Sea (Phuket), which is also the largest attraction for tourists in the country. Also, travelling there is very convenient. Phuket is the first place in Thailand where most of the tourists from all around the world step and many of them return repeatedly each year for a holiday. You can both practice Muay Thai and take a break to unwind on the island.
Feel free to ask us any questions about the costs and other details. We will be happy to respond to your query.
We want to assure you that your training of various Muay Thai techniques will be held in a spotless, fully equipped boxing camp, supplied with a comfortable recreation room. SuWit Muay Thai with many methods and rigorous regimen is the good program to enjoy with family and friends.
SuWit Muay Thai with a positive result for your health is a new holiday. Become a winner with SuWit Muay Thai and common knowledge. Suwit Muay Thai and valuable guide can enhance power. Suwit Muay Thai and main factor can help you. Suwit Muay Thai and joining membership is easy.

Summary of the Most Important Details on the SuWit Muay Thai Camp
-The SuWit Muay Thai camp has been functioning for more than 25 years.
- We own a stadium for Muay Thai and we are muay thai promoter.
- We teach muay thai professionally.
- There are no big groups since every single trainer of ours would accept tutoring only 1-5 students.
- Some small additional fee is required if you want individual Muay Thai lessons (for 1 student only).
- Being experienced Thai fighters, we are able to train you in all the Muay Thai techniques.
- Our facilities for Muay Thai studies are amazing.
- You can enjoy the gorgeous Phuket island of Thailand while you are staying the camp for Muay Thai boxing.
- We are open to foreign and local students from any gym, camp or school.
- The exercises in our gym are a perfect way to become thinner and fitter.
- The SuWit Muay Thai camp is provided with a complete weightlifting equipment.
- Students of all levels can be taught by us, including professional, newbies and those, who wish to lose their weight.
- The programs and classes of the Muay Thai martial art are available in two forms: Amateur and MMA fighters.
- Feel welcomed if it is going to be your first time.
- Visa, Master Card and Paypal are all acceptable for a payment.
- Your rooms are supplied with WiFi (wireless Internet) for free.
- We give you a free ticket (1,200 Baht) for access to observe an actual Muay Thai fight in the stadium every Friday night, but only if you have already been enrolled in Suwit gym at least 2 weeks course.

The new article of Muay Thai :
Thailand is an incredible country located in Southeast Asia. It has some of the most beautiful islands in the world known for the golden sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Thailand is focused on tourism and people who decide to spend their vacation there can expect nothing less than excellent time. Since we were talking about being active while on vacation, we should point out one form of fitness activity that seems to be huge hit all over the globe and that's Muay Thai training.

Suwit Muay Thai and expert technician : We're talking about training Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a phenomenally effective martial art that you can pick up and train no matter who you are.
SuWit Muay Thai with winning strategy : We believe that this is a very smart investment that you can make if you wish to increase your self-confidence.
Suwit Muay Thai and Marvelous product : It's entirely another thing to get into a ring and fight with another strong human until one of you surrenders or the fight ends.
Suwit Muay Thai and Individual team : We believe that this is a very smart investment that you can make if you wish to increase your self-confidence.

Read The Testimonial by our Guests :
muaythai training review Gavin , Australia
"The gym caters for all levels and the trainers give you much support even with the psychological part. I was aiming to learn everything I could and improve technique. Within the first few training sessions things started to improve, bad habits were being ironed out. In a short amount of time you will see changes. You can accomplish way beyond your expectations regardless of your goals are. I even heard the trainers happy voice in my sleep hahaha. The authentic Thai experience and open family atmosphere, the sheer warmth makes you feel part of the family there. They take care of you so well they even cook healthy food for you! It is really convenient ....."

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Last Update : January 2018 .

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